Hip Protectors, Risk Management and Nursing Home Coverage

Your company provides services to the elderly and as such has a lot of potential exposures to consider. A sound risk management program is vital to you as a nursing home facilitator in order to reduce the possibility of claims stemming from injuries, claims of mistreatment, theft, or other crimes that may be committed by persons on the premises. Keeping your patients safe from injury should be your number one priority. This should be balanced with sustaining the highest levels of clinical care, but you also need to realize that the need to protect patients from harm of any sort is very important from a financial point of view.

In addition to the probable financial impact this may bear there is the also likelihood of tarnishing your reputation in what is known to be a highly competitive environment. Any loss of faith in you as a provider can be quite devastating and proper nursing home coverage is needed to help protect your interests as well as the interests of your clients and their families.

Hip fractures are a common concern among the elderly

Safety is especially important when dealing with individuals of a certain age. Hip fractures often result from fall-related injuries in nursing homes. The prevention of hip fractures can be a rather critical challenge and because of the limited success of dealing with falls associated with hip injuries, and many facilities are increasingly turning to fracture prevention strategies that include the use of hip protectors.

With this being just one of your concerns, and given the overall economic challenges of managing long-term care facilities, a rigorous safety program and extensive safety training for all nurses and caregivers shall help to reduce the number of incidents, including fall-related injuries, and in particular hip fractures, in the nursing home environment.

Such programs have shown a decrease in litigation cases against facilities. As a result, a growing number of long-term care facilities consider the use of hip protectors as the best defense against hip fractures and thus an essential component of their care for residents at risk for hip fractures. This type of risk management in nursing homes can provide greater security for owners and their residents as well. Having nursing home coverage will help deal with any claims that do arise from incidents that still may occur.

Good Branding Makes for Top Insurance Websites

The art of maintaining a successful online presence is due in part to a campaign that focuses primarily on branding. In any marketing campaign, in order to be successful you need to know who your audience is. Most agencies are bent on targeting a specific geographic area. This includes gathering vital information such as whether this area has the desired audience. For example, are there new families or retirees that fit the necessary demographic? Or, are there a lot of homeowners or renters that might benefit from the products and services you’re offering?

The top insurance websites have not only identified their target audience but have gone about designing their website so that it attracts and retains those same consumers, eventually turning them into clients. You can start the process by asking visitors about their communication preferences, as it will allow you to identify online marketing channels to focus on, like Facebook and LinkedIn for starters.

Set and modify goals as necessary

It helps to know up front what the agency expects to accomplish with their online marketing efforts. Branding will help establish your name and logo and breed some healthy familiarity. By setting goals it makes it much easier to track success. After you establish and reach that first set of goals don’t stop there. Now modify your goals so that the agency continues to prosper from all of its efforts.

Establishing a budget

Make a marketing budget and identify how much the company wants to spend on a website. Throw in things like maintenance and content updates, search engine optimization, email marketing and social media. If it’s within your budget you might also consider doing pay-per-click advertising, which can be another good avenue to take.

Internet marketing requires continuous effort and this can be quite a strain on a limited budget. By identifying those tactics that work you can then devote some money to hiring an expert to help with those options that are more difficult and time-consuming. That’s the difference between being middle of the pack and one of the top insurance websites.

The reason that someone chooses one agency over another is that they prefer an agency that comes off as knowledgeable. This is an example of why identifying the company’s brand is so important, more than how the website looks or what is shared on social media. Remember, by establishing the brand, all that’s left is to be consistent and stick to brand values.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance and the Hospitality Industry

There are distinct aspects of the hospitality industry that make companies in this sector more susceptible to employment related claims. Some of those characteristics include having a considerably higher proportion of minority employees in hotels and restaurants, as well as a higher proportion of single female employees, including 78% of restaurant wait staff.

Employment practices are one of the fastest growing areas of litigation for businesses both large and small. Many of these allegations come from both employees and candidates for hire, and can include everything from sexual harassment, racial discrimination, wrongful termination, wrongful discipline, and negligent evaluation.

In addition, individuals may also bring charges citing a failure to employ or promote, allowing a hostile work environment, breach of employment contract, and deprivation of career opportunity. Having a lengthy list of exposures points out the significance of having hospitality insurance that includes employment practices liability coverage.

Examining risks related to the hospitality industries

The cost of employment-related settlements and defense costs can be devastating to a business. Amendments to the Fair Labor Standards Act made not so long ago have made the filing of wage and hour lawsuits easier for complainants. Additionally, undocumented workers continue to be a liability for employers, especially with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s renewed efforts.

Add to this the fact that there are a higher proportion of younger employees in the industry and this can result in a greater frequency of claims under the Age Discrimination and Employment Act. Another part of the problem is that there is a vulnerability of the hospitality industry to market pressures, which can result in increased lay offs, coupled with the labor-intensive nature of most jobs in hotels and restaurants.

Things you can do to reduce exposures

With such high risk and costs associated with employment-related charges, businesses within the hospitality industry need to take a proactive approach in helping to mitigate their risks. This approach should include an adequate risk management plan.

Review current management and human resources policies and procedures to ensure that they are well defined and established. Employment procedures training for managers can also reduce the likelihood of an employment-related claim.

In addition, an employee manual should be in place and accessible to employees. This manual should include all corporate policies on relevant topics and include performance evaluations. Reducing risk, while not eliminating risk altogether, does help and only exemplifies the need for hospitality insurance that deals with employment practices liability concerns.

Machine Dealer Insurance and On-The-Job Injuries

The business product supplies industry continues to be robust as businesses thrive, but for employees who spend the entire day lifting products on and off of shelves it can be physically stressful. Many workers cite pain in their lower back region due to the repetitive nature of the job they perform. Employers that have employees whose main job is moving weighty packages and move heavy equipment all day are ripe for workers comp claims.

Any time a worker becomes injured due to constantly lifting heavy objects their priority should be to get a claim in motion. As their employer, you need to have coverage by way of Machine Dealer Insurance in order to provide for workers injured while employed by you and in your services. Workers comp is an essential and vital part of any employer’s business insurance plan.

Ways to cut down on workers comp claims

While you may or may not be able to require it, those employees who do routine stretching exercises turn out to have considerably less injuries while at work. Many employers have made this a requirement due to the alarming number of work-related injuries. However, stress due to extreme physical exercise of a work-related nature is not the only cause of workers comp claims. Employees often complain of carpal tunnel due to working on a computer and sorting papers all day. Still, the physical strength needed to do any job required of them makes these workers more prone to becoming injured. Those managers involved in risk management (and safety in work areas) see the use of a viable safety program as a solution to reduce on-the-job injury from occurring with such frequency.

In many different work environments workers are required to work in awkward postures and do repetitive work as part of their overall job. Part of the solution is to look at the work from another perspective and find solutions that will aid in relieving much of the physical stress.

People are creating new and better engineering solutions for today’s work environment.

By implementing this new technology they hope reduce or eliminate many of the reasons for today’s concerns. There are techniques already in use, such as job rotation limiting exposure to activities that could easily lead to injuries. Having Machine Dealer Insurance for workers injured on the job is the best way to keep a happy and productive work force.

Cyber Threats and Orlando Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber attacks and data breaches have been creating liability concerns for some time now and the costs to companies now totals billions of dollars in expenses. Insurers have worked hard to create policies to protect business owners from incurring expenses when their defenses break down. The many risks related to data security and privacy issues are something that most companies agree needs to be addressed and as a Country we must work on ways in which to defend against these problems.

The fact is that hackers have been going about this for years now and it’s a major area of risk that has become a serious issue for companies nationwide. The need for Orlando cyber liability insurance for local businesses has become of the utmost importance. While the operational and reputational risks are of prime concern, fears related to data security on every level, including our government, have soared in recent years.

Small companies face the same risks as high-profile companies

Many business professionals talk about high-profile breaches that have made headlines in recent years, but small companies, while not often sensationalized on the nightly news, are bearing the brunt of the attacks because they are often less prepared to deal with cyber hacks. The medical industry has been hard hit and personal and confidential records and information is being leaked on a daily basis.

One of the biggest issues, perhaps, is that once you become a victim to one of these breaches your company must now worry about keeping its reputation intact. Cyber security insurance has existed as a highly specialized niche product for over a decade now and it is becoming a key product because practically every company does some type of online business. In recent years, the number of insurers offering such policies has grown tremendously because companies are realizing that they really aren’t properly covered for this type of exposure.

For example, most companies have business interruption coverage as part of their property policy, which is for tangible risks such as fire, flood or windstorm, but not for cyber crime or the threat of a virus taking down an entire network. This is a different form of business interruption and requires a policy that specifically addresses these exposures. Don’t be one of those companies without Orlando cyber liability insurance because after an attack occurs it will be too late. Speak to your insurance agent today.

Nursing Home Workers Compensation Brokers and Insurance Rates

Many may think that nursing homes are a low-risk work environment, but this is far from the case. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing homes experience some of the highest rates of injuries when compared to other industries such as mining, construction, and manufacturing. Part of the reason for the high workers’ compensation risk for nursing homes is the manual lifting of patients — moving residents to and from bed, assisting with bathing and positioning patients in chairs — that can cause micro-injuries to the spine and trigger moderate to severe musculoskeletal disorders. These injuries, in turn, not only wreak havoc on the health and earning potential of workers but also on the turnover rate and financial health of nursing home operators.

How workers’ compensation policy rates are determined

 In determining a facility’s premium, insurance companies prepare loss history reports. The loss history reflects the workers’ comp claims a company has had over a designated period of time, typically one year. It includes all of the claims that have been filed with the insurer as well as what has been paid and expected payments in the future. Those facilities with higher amounts of loss typically pay higher premiums.

What’s more, few people realize it, but when you buy an existing nursing home facility, you inherit that facility’s loss history, even if your own losses are minimal — and you’re doing everything you can to lower the exposure to the new facility. You’ll still pay the higher premium, and continue to do so for at least three years. To make matters worse, in some instances, you may have no control over claims from a prior owner, and the prior owner may have no incentive to manage the claims. So your premium could get worse over time.

Your experience modification rate specifically relates to your workers’ comp premium. A facility’s experience modification is based on the number and severity of workers’ comp claims filed. Insurance companies use this rate to gauge past injuries and potential risk to predict future losses and calculate workers’ comp premiums.

A workers compensation insurance broker can go over in more detail all that goes into determining your insurance rates and provide you with assistance in reducing the frequency and severity and claims and ultimately your premium.

Obtaining Small Business Insurance in Florida

Owning and operating your own small business venture in Florida can be a rewarding experience, but there are many exposures that need to be addressed. Anything can happen during the course of the day that could change the direction the company is going in. An injury to a customer, a complaint about a product that has caused someone distress, a mechanical breakdown that results in major delays, these are all instances that could greatly affect your bottom line.

To a small business owner unprepared for any worst-case scenario, the inability to continue to do “business as usual” could be devastating. One lawsuit or claim from a vendor or a customer could be difficult to overcome. Small business insurance in Florida can provide the necessary protection needed in the event that issues and events covered by your policy end up putting your business at risk.

If a major storm hits your business and causes sever damage to the building will you be able to rebuild, or will the lives of you and your employees be decimated? How about a work-related injury or illness that requires months or longer to heal? This is where having adequate small business insurance can really make a difference in what the future may bring.

The types of insurance you may need or require

There are policies available for all of your needs and concerns, including property damage, business interruption, workers compensation and any and all liability concerns. A review of the company’s assets can help you to determine just how much coverage you’ll likely need and what types of coverages you should have on hand.

Partner with an agent who knows the many risks involved in running an enterprise of this nature so that it will allow you to focus on building upon your investment and invest your time in doing what is required in order to remain productive. Your time is better served developing competent managers, supervisors, and staff, and building a loyal customer base.

Insurance is, without a doubt, the cornerstone of many successful enterprises. Consider these important factors when shopping for small business insurance in Florida for all of your business needs.

Owners Concerns and Dog Bite Insurance Settlements

Most dog owners realize that he or she can assume serious financial liability if their dog bites someone. Dog bite litigation can be expensive, and with medical costs constantly rising, dog bite insurance settlements, for those who have insurance, can be costly. Dog bites account for about one-third of all homeowner insurance liability claims annually, costing nearly $500 million according to the Insurance Information Institute.

The increases can be attributed to increased costs for medical treatment, as well as the size of settlements, judgments and jury awards given to plaintiffs. An extremely large judgment could have quite a devastating effect. Any person found liable could literally lose their home, which is why homeowners insurance without protection for dog owners just doesn’t make sense.

Young children often victims of dog bite injuries

Dogs bite more than 4.7 million people in the US annually, and nearly 900,000 of those require medical care. Sadly, nearly half of the victims are children, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and of those injured, over 390,000 require treatment in an emergency room.

The rate of injuries caused by dogs is highest for children aged five to nine years old, with most attacks occurring to the head or neck area, and statistics show that injury rates in children are significantly higher for boys than for girls, boys being more aggressive around dogs.

Dog owner liability fits into three categories

The three kinds of laws that impose liability on owners are 1) dog-bite statute, wherein the dog owner is automatically liable for any injury or property damage the dog causes, even without provocation. 2) Negligence laws state the dog owner is liable if the injury occurred because he or she was unreasonably careless in controlling the dog, and 3) the “one-bite” rule, which applies only in some states, says that the owner is not held liable for the first bite the dog inflicts. Once an animal has demonstrated vicious behavior, such as biting or otherwise displaying a ‘vicious propensity’, the owner can then be held liable.

With liability issues a serious concern for owners and victims alike, and with all that might be at stake, dog owners need to purchase this vital insurance to deal with any dog bite settlements and claims resulting from their dog’s behavior.


Agent Insurance Marketing as a Way to Increase Sales

Consumers, now with easy access via the Internet, are much more savvy concerning the insurance products and services they decide to purchase. Insurers must provide more than just good products, as they now must also understand the importance of good communication between the broker and client. At the end of the day what is most vital is that the customer winds up with the proper coverage in place.

Clients are greatly concerned that their insurance may not be sufficient for every situation that may arise and wish to discuss their policy coverage and hopefully receive information about how they can get more value out of their insurance investment. Agent Insurance Marketing done properly can allay many fears and often results in client satisfaction and customer trust.

A company’s strength lies in the quality and depth of their products as most marketers understand. As an industry, these agencies need to deliver on the promise of value and relevance by providing more personalized content to a vast audience segment. Smaller brokers must work even harder than those having a larger staff, which enables them to service their clients with much more frequency.

The challenge of increasing sales in a competitive market

Insurance marketers, as a result of online capabilities, can leverage automation to systematically deliver marketing content, which helps them better understand which efforts are actually working. Automation also helps track online behavior of consumers in such a way that agents are better able to analyze the results of their efforts.

Marketing insurance services are all about building strong relationships while managing brand presence. This helps to maintain growth as anyone knows, and insurance carriers have come to depend on this complex distribution channel as a way of measuring their success.

Marketers are able to reach their intended audience through the distribution of highly personalized electronic newsletters based on the interests of this target audience. Insurance marketers are also able to deliver automated campaigns based on profile data and typical website behaviors which allow’s for immediate engagement. This, along with social media and website data, helps to obtain information on what specific products or services are being sought. The idea is to create highly effective communications structured in campaigns that are tailored for insurance.

Agent Insurance Marketing allows an agency to gain leverage in a very competitive industry by focusing on a target audience in order to run a successful campaign.

Florida General Liability Insurance for Small Businesses

The Sunshine State provides lots of opportunities for small business owners. Many companies new to the area are flourishing in what has become a robust economy. Now that people are spending more, anyone who provides good products can enjoy the value of having satisfied customers. The key is to provide both good services and have a staff that is friendly, caring and engaging.

Still, there are the usual concerns about product safety, and other areas where things can go wrong. This is why it’s fundamentally sound to have Florida general liability insurance since it takes just one unsatisfied customer to bring a claim against your company, which can cause you damage, either financially or to your reputation.

General liability (GL) insurance should top your list

Whether you operate a small business or one that employs hundreds of workers, you will need to have GL coverage. This is the one policy that covers common risks related to operations of most business models. You even have the option to combine this coverage with business property insurance in a business owners policy (BOP), which is a great way to protect your property, and any liability concerns, all under one plan.

You’re going to want to make informed choices regarding the different types of insurance coverages that you’re going to carry that go beyond a GL policy. Depending on the size of your organization. For example, Employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) will protect you against employment-related claims such as harassment or discrimination.

Errors and omissions insurance (commonly referred to as E&O), will protect licensed or certified professionals working under you in the event that they (or you, for that matter) make a mistake causing damage to a client or third party. Directors and officers insurance (D&O) has added value as it protects the board, officers, as well as others in governing or executive positions at your company in the event of negligent acts, misleading statements, omissions or unethical actions.

Your business means the world to you. Speak to an agent about a Florida general liability policy and other insurance products for your business today.