3 Things to Understand About Your Malpractice Insurance

Physicians, whether staffed or working locum tenens, know they need malpractice insurance, but they often don’t understand the ins and outs of their coverage. If you feel like you are in this boat, you are not alone. An insurance agency like HPSO insurance can walk you through your policy and answer any questions you might have.

Those that decide to dive in to their policy to learn a bit more are often surprised at all that is covered. Here are three things most doctors find interesting about their coverage.

Occurrence and Claims-made Coverage

These are the two types of malpractice insurance. The first, occurrence, protects a physician regardless of when a claim is filed. A claim filed under a claims-made policy is covered only if the incident took place while the insured’s policy was in force.

Locus Tenens Advocate

If you work locum tenens, your policy should include a provision that allows for a physician advocate. Your advocate, usually the staffing agency, will work as liaison between you and the carrier.

In-state Coverage

Another component locus tenens physicians will want to review. This ensures you are covered in the state you are assigned.

There are a number of other items you will want to review before you settle on a policy, like tail coverage, limits of liability and workers compensation. An insurer like HPSO insurance will help answer questions and walk you through your coverage.

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