3 Ways Renters Insurance Can Save You

Are you one of the 58 percent of renters who don’t have insurance? You’re putting yourself at risk. Most renters assume they will be covered under their landlord’s insurance policy in the event of an emergency, but the assumption is incorrect. A landlord’s policy only covers damage to the building, which means you are responsible for protecting your own assets. Check out these reasons to get renters insurance in Champaign City.

Personal Possessions

Whether your electronics are damaged in a flood or you lose everything to a fire, renters insurance is essential for covering losses. When choosing a policy, tally the value of your furniture, electronics, clothing and other possessions to determine how much coverage you’ll need.

Living Expenses

If your rental becomes unlivable and you don’t have insurance, you’ll need to pony up the costs to stay in a motel or find a new rental. Purchasing insurance in Champaign City helps to ensure you have the money you need for temporary housing in a hotel while your rental is repaired.

Medical Expenses

If someone is hurt in your rental unit, you are responsible for them. If they don’t have their own insurance, you could find yourself with hefty medical bills to pay. Renters insurance will help you cover those expenses.

When purchasing insurance in Champaign City, research the providers first. Choose a licensed insurance agency with experience in providing renters insurance. Excellent client reviews and exceptional customer service are also important.


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