Accident Prevention on Construction Jobsites

Workers’ safety is at the forefront of a job site manager’s responsibilities throughout the course of any type of construction project. They need to implement policies aimed at ensuring a safe working environment that can dramatically reduce the occurrence of job site injuries.

Get Credit for Safety Initiatives

When you adopt a safety program, you may be entitled to a credit on your premiums for worker’s compensation, an essential part of construction insurance coverage in Florida. Measures to ensure compliance with OSHA guidelines and safety training protocols are integral parts of a qualifying program.

Require Workers to Wear PPE

Personal protective equipment can significantly lessen the risk of injury. PPE such as goggles, gloves, and masks can safeguard workers against common on-the-job injuries. Train your workers on when PPE is required to be worn. To ensure consistency, you may also consider supplying the equipment rather than making workers responsible for supplying their own equipment.

Make Safety a Supervisory Priority

Assign key staff members to oversee safety. They can monitor things such as the proper use of tools or equipment or whether workers are wearing appropriate PPE.

Jobsite managers must take an active role in ensuring that projects are carried out safely. The time and resources that go towards creating a safe working environment are well worth the investment.

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