Aegis General Insures Manufactured Homes for all Types of Risks

Agents whose primary customers own mobile homes or manufactured homes understand that these homeowners, in addition to some of the issues that standard homeowners must contend with, have their own unique risks and concerns to worry about. Aegis General works hard in order to arrange the best mobile home policy to help deal with those areas in which these dwellings are most vulnerable.

Fire is a common threat

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), electrical distribution equipment is the top cause of fires in manufactured homes. Because smoke alarms are not present in nearly half of those homes, according to the NFPA, fire can break out, spread unimpeded, and completely devastate these homes when they are vacant.

One way your clients can help recover from fire damage is by adding sufficient amounts of dwelling protection (which covers the home’s structure) and personal property insurance, which pays to replace any possessions lost in a disaster of this type, which all in all is a great way for them to gain some much-needed peace of mind.

Concerns pertaining to insulation

Manufactured homes have become much better constructed in recent years, but the differences in construction between a traditional home and site-built homes can still bring about some insurance concerns, insulation being among those issues. Owners can help themselves by winterizing or properly insulating their mobile homes helping to further decrease these risks.

Wind is a major concern in many areas

Another common concern regarding manufactured homes is damage from heavy windstorms. After all, they are much lighter than most site-built homes and are therefore at risk of blowing over during serious windstorms, causing significant damage, which will require adequate funds for repairs and restoration, in addition to any damage due to rain or hail.

Homes on wheels face the threat of collision

There are cases where these homes become totaled while being transported from the assembly plant to their destination. Considering that these manufactured homes will be their residence for years, adding some form of trip collision coverage will help make sure they’re prepared if their home is damaged before it makes it to its final resting place. Aegis General can work with agents to make sure their clients get the right coverage for all of their specific needs.

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