Animal Shelters Require a Healthy & Happy Staff

Employees and volunteers working at animal shelters do so mostly because of their love for animals. They come in contact with a lot of frightened critters looking for a safe retreat. It takes special care to alleviate their fears and shelter workers spend their days giving these creatures the love and care that makes them feel safe. As an owner, you must do your part to give your employees the care they need to avoid becoming ill and possibly spreading infectious diseases to co-workers and others.


There are several potential threats faced by those working in these shelters on a regular basis. These professionals are no strangers to the risks they face, everything from scratches and bites, to exposure to harsh chemicals and diseases. Therefore, the proper safety precautions are needed to ensure that your employees are working under the safest possible conditions and this in turn will help you to reduce claims.


More importantly, your operations can only be kept secured with a comprehensive and custom-tailored Vegan Insurance package that includes workers’ compensation coverage to mitigate any risk and/or financial responsibility you will have.


Zoonosis and protecting your staff


Zoonosis is a term used to describe diseases that can be passed from animals to humans. This can be an issue of great concern to staff working in animal shelters. Little is known about many of the animals that come to shelters and this can result in a higher incidence of disease in shelter animals. Fortunately, following a few safety rules can easily prevent an occurrence of these diseases.


Workers should be instructed to wash their hands frequently throughout the day, especially before handling food or touching their mouths. This will prevent the spread of many diseases and infections, so being diligent is essential! They should also wear gloves when cleaning and disinfecting food bowls, kennels, litter pans, and the like. When handling animals prone to biting, gloves can be helpful in preventing teeth from piercing the skin and causing infection.


There are disinfectants on the market, iodide based, that can be helpful for your use, and workers should be discouraged from eating where animals are housed, or cleaning cages and other instruments where food served to humans is prepared. Vaccinations are another essential part of staying healthy in this environment. In the event an employee does fall sick, Insurance for Vegans will help pay medical bills and ensure your employee remains financially stable.

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