Keep the Boats in Your Harbor Safe

Having a marina full of different people’s boats can put a considerable number of large, valuable property at risk. Accidents can happen, and problems can spread. If someone’s boat is damaged while in your harbor, you’ll need to be able to pay for repairs or other fees. To keep from having huge losses, insurance for marinas can help to cover these payments and protect from legal trouble. A few of the liabilities that insurance can cover are as follows.


There are various sources of environmental harm from having an ample collection of boats managed in the same area. While being careful and properly educating employees is important, something may go wrong or be missed, causing pollution and possible illness.

Equipment breakdown

Some equipment included at marinas may, one day, break. Not only can these be costly to fix, but they could also cause damage to other objects present at the harbor. It’s important to be able to replace the equipment.


With so many boats on the water, they can be put under significant danger when a storm comes in. Intense winds and large waves can damage boats, forcing your marina into possible risk of financial loss without insurance for marinas.


Although boats are surrounded by water, there are plenty of dry materials within the boats that can catch fire. Sometimes, owners behind on their payments may even set their own boat on fire. The fire can then spread to other boats.

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3 Things to Understand About Your Malpractice Insurance

Physicians, whether staffed or working locum tenens, know they need malpractice insurance, but they often don’t understand the ins and outs of their coverage. If you feel like you are in this boat, you are not alone. An insurance agency like HPSO insurance can walk you through your policy and answer any questions you might have.

Those that decide to dive in to their policy to learn a bit more are often surprised at all that is covered. Here are three things most doctors find interesting about their coverage.

Occurrence and Claims-made Coverage

These are the two types of malpractice insurance. The first, occurrence, protects a physician regardless of when a claim is filed. A claim filed under a claims-made policy is covered only if the incident took place while the insured’s policy was in force.

Locus Tenens Advocate

If you work locum tenens, your policy should include a provision that allows for a physician advocate. Your advocate, usually the staffing agency, will work as liaison between you and the carrier.

In-state Coverage

Another component locus tenens physicians will want to review. This ensures you are covered in the state you are assigned.

There are a number of other items you will want to review before you settle on a policy, like tail coverage, limits of liability and workers compensation. An insurer like HPSO insurance will help answer questions and walk you through your coverage.

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What Will my Boat Cost me in Florida?

Boating is a wonderful hobby. Now that you are considering, or have purchased your new boat, it’s time to think about protecting it with the right insurance.

What are Common Factors in the Cost?

For boat insurance in Florida, average cost takes into consideration a number of factors. The below are just a few examples.

• Value of the boat
• Where it will be used
• What it will be used for
• Your driving record
• Safety measures

Before purchasing your boat, it may be wise to get a fairly specific idea of the type of vessel you want to purchase. You can then use this information to obtain insurance quotes. The cost of insurance coverage can then be considered when deciding which boat to purchase.

What Does Coverage Include?

Boaters insurance can cover many things. Some examples would be damage to your vessel, personal property, injury to yourself or others on your boat and even towing if needed. Insurance can also protect you in case of a storm, hurricane or other weather event and can cover damage to your boat if it is on the water or on land.

Just like car insurance provides coverage and peace of mind while being out on the roadways, boaters insurance provides those same benefits while you are enjoying the fun and relaxation of being out on the water. For boat insurance in Florida, the average cost is very small compared to the protection and peace of mind coverage provides.


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Protections Under Trucking Insurance

Trucking, like any other business, require safeguards to protect property, employees and assets. With the all the potential challenges while trucking valuable merchandise across the country, it is imperative that these types of businesses have a reliable trucking liability insurance program in place. In a single job, the safety of the truck driver and other drivers on the road, quality of service and condition of goods must be maintained. Coverage under the right program can help make that possible.

Customized Coverage for Your Business’s Needs

When consulting with an agent of a trucking liability insurance program, it is possible to create a plan that is customized to fit the business’s needs. It’s important to discuss details such as the following:

  • Does the program cover produce, container or general freight haulers?
  • Is trailer interchange included?
  • What towing limits are available?
  • What states and distances does the program cover?
  • What are the coverage terms for physical damage, auto liability and general liability?

The stress, litigation and financial strain that result from not being covered has the potential to take away from a company’s growth and assets. A good trucking liability insurance program can give peace of mind that a business can adequately recover from an unpredictable event, so that it can better concentrate on providing high-quality service.

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Enjoying New Mexico is Easier With Appropriate Insurance

New Mexico delights visitors and residents with beautiful sights and great tourist locations. The number of successful locations that have called New Mexico home are testament to this state’s potential for business owners. One city that provides a stellar opportunity is Albuquerque. However, regardless of the type of business you open, obtaining appropriate insurance is vital to your location’s success. Luckily, insurance in Albuquerque is available from reliable and knowledgeable agencies.

Make the Right Business Investment

Albuquerque’s historic tourist locations are a great business opportunity. A great hotel or restaurant is made even better when obtaining one of these insurance policies:

  • Commercial Auto
  • General Liability
  • Property
  • Equipment
  • Cyber Liability
  • Professional Liability

Care for Your Albuquerque Home

Albuquerque is a fantastic place to settle down with your family. However, any neighborhood can fall victim to unforeseen events that, without great insurance, can leave you without a place to stay. Home insurance in Albuquerque comes in a variety of customizable packages. Acquiring fire, property, theft and storm insurance lets you enjoy your property with a peace of mind. A number of agencies can also offer insurance that covers your valuables inside your home and additional buildings on your property.

Setting up shop or settling down in Albuquerque is stellar path to take for anyone looking to take advantage of the great outdoors. Protect this dream with strong insurance.

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How the Right Insurance Agency Can Protect Your Employees

One of the most important benefits you will ever provide to your employees is workers compensation coverage. Choosing the right policy for your employees begins with choosing the right provider. Follow these three tips to make the best choice.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

If an insurance agency suggests that its workers compensation policy can cover any business, regardless of size, step away and consider speaking with another company. Experience carriers will want to know everything it can about your business: the industry you cater to, how many people you employ, what your budget can manage, and federal and state regulations to which you must comply.

Available 24/7

Like the employees who work for them, businesses come in all shapes, sizes, schedules and business hours. A good agency will ensure they have agents available when you and your employees need them. That includes employees who travel for business, across the country or around the globe.

A Broad Network

Finally, review the insurance agency’s network of medical professionals. The network should be extensive and service the most likely workers compensation claims your employees might file.
Following these three tips will help you select the best insurance agency for your employees. It will also help you secure the right workers compensation plan for them.

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Four Basic Insurance Coverages For Your Business

Finding the right insurance agent in New Mexico can be time-consuming. To help simplify your search, here are four basic business insurance types that you need to know.

General Liability Insurance

This is what most people think of when they think of business insurance. It protects your assets in case a non-employee experiences either bodily injury or damage to their property because of your business’ activities. Any fees associated with a lawsuit are covered under this policy.

Professional Liability

Also known as errors and omissions (E&O) insurance, professional liability insurance is primarily for professional service providers. Doctors, dentists, attorneys and other consultants are either required or highly recommended to carry E&O coverage. In case your services lead to a negative outcome for a client, this policy will cover any fees and reimbursements you have to pay.

Workers’ Compensation

Even if you only have one employee, it’s recommended that you carry workers’ compensation insurance. In case an employee is injured on the job, it covers legal fees, medical payments and in some cases, even their salary while they’re away.

Commercial Property

Whether due to a storm or theft, commercial property insurance will cover your physical assets in case of any damage or loss. Buildings, equipment, furniture, computers and the data on them are all eligible to be covered.

Finding the right insurance agent in New Mexico will take some time. Now that you understand the basics, be sure to properly vent all candidates and review their policies before signing any contracts.

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Make Sure You Have All of Your Liabilities Covered

PL insurance is professional liability insurance. Similar to general liability, or GL insurance, it is coverage that can protect you and your business from a lawsuit. The two are not the same coverage, however, and to be completely protected you may need both policies.

What a PL Policy Covers

Professional liability insurance can, in a sense, protect you from you. It can also protect you from mistakes made by employees, false allegations of negligence and malpractice or claims you broke a contract. The most diligent professionals sometimes make mistakes, and an accidental error or missing piece of information can give someone a firm footing to file a lawsuit. Even if you are not found guilty of any infractions, and no charges can be made against you, you can still incur huge legal fees to defend your business and keep things running smoothly. Some specific examples of what a PL insurance policy can cover are:

  • Administrative errors or oversights that cause missing information
  • Construction work that doesn’t meet the required standards
  • Not providing the required product or service by an agreed upon deadline

Today’s business owner faces a multitude of risks, and one lawsuit can undo years’ worth of work and set back your business’ growth plan. Be certain you have the proper PL insurance coverages in place to protect these specialized areas of your business.

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Understanding NYCIP: The Protection Your Cemetery Needs

Finding the right protection for you cemetery can be a complicated process, with the need for protection against a wide variety of possible damages and liabilities. With the New York Cemetery Insurance Program you can get comprehensive coverage for your cemetery in one place, making your life easier while allowing for unbeatable rates and benefits.

Protect Your Property

In addition to standard commercial property protection, many cemeteries require further coverage. As cemeteries can date centuries into the past, historic property coverage may be required. It provides special coverage for buildings with historical significance, and includes a complimentary appraisal.

Everything You Need to Breathe Easy

Financial liabilities don’t end at property, however. With comprehensive cemetery insurance you also receive a wide range of protections that the average cemetery requires. From automobile coverage for cemetery vehicles, to protection plans for directors and officers and coverage on workers’ compensation cases, NYCIP covers all your bases.

Obtaining the right insurance coverage for your cemetery ensures that you’re covered in the event of any accidents, natural or man-made. Without cemetery insurance you could be on the hook for costs which you are unable to manage. If you don’t have comprehensive coverage, reach out to a provider today and grant yourself the peace of mind which comes with your cemetery’s stability.


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Prevent Lawsuits Over Employee Benefits

No matter how thoroughly you cover your employees, there is always a risk of an error, especially when you employ a lot of temporary workers. These mistakes can easily cause a lot of damage to a company, no matter how big and profitable. In order to protect yourself and your business from mistakes in insurance coverage for your employees, make sure you have a trustworthy plan for employee benefits liability insurance.

Administrative Errors Covered

Employee benefits liability covers administrative errors. The situations that fall under that may vary, but there are a few general categories that tend to contain the covered events.

  • Record keeping, paper or electronic, for employee benefits
  • Sharing policy and benefit information with enrollees and eligible beneficiaries
  • Maintaining enrollment and benefit details for employees and eligible beneficiaries

This coverage is incredibly helpful for any business. It protects employers in the case of accusations of negligence and lawsuits related to employee benefits programs.

Make Sure You Are Protected

Administrative errors can happen to anyone, and sometimes they are unavoidable, but they can have costly and catastrophic effects on a business if an omission or mistake occurs with employee benefits. By choosing a robust plan for employee benefits liability insurance, you protect your business and administrative employees from many kinds of mistakes.

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