Finding Appropriate Coverage for Manufactured Homes

Every home is unique. No matter what time of dwelling you reside within, it is important to take time and protect your space in whatever way possible. Often, this means researching the most appropriate and comprehensive insurance policy to suit your needs. Certain types of housing will require additional coverage, such as manufactured and mobile homes. Due to the nature of these residences, the extra coverage can help to offer peace of mind to those living within difficult circumstances.

Key Components of Mobile Home Coverage

As reported by a number of outlets, manufactured home coverage includes a few key points. Since many manufactured residences must be constructed or installed on a particular lot, a traditional plan centering around mobile homes will include a type of protection aimed at this part of the process. Standard liability is also a part of the package, as it helps to keep you safe in the event that someone is injured while on your property. Additional points of interest with this coverage include:

  • Coverage for replacement costs
  • Protection for contents and possessions
  • Water damage and other special exclusions

Improve Upon Your Current Policy

Your insurance policy should be as unique as the home you reside in. Take time to review your current policy and see if you might do better with a plan that is designed to cover the specific risks associated with your type of home.

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What to Know About Offering Life Insurance to Employees

Employees increasingly value group benefits over pay increases. An attractive benefits package includes health and retirement options. However, with group life programs, you can help employees care for their families should something happen to them.

Life Insurance

As referenced on iSure, group life programs include three main options: universal life, term life and whole life. Benefit programs can offer one option or a combination to suit different employee needs. Each type of life insurance operates slightly differently. Universal life offers low premiums with an investment savings element that employees often pay taxes on. Term life only pays out when needed. Whole life policies typically have higher premiums, but the policies are permanent usually with guaranteed death benefits.

Additional Options

In addition to life insurance, employers can offer business travel accident riders to their policies. This is especially helpful for employees who travel a lot for the company such as salespeople and upper management. Accidental death and dismemberment policies are another riders that steps in when the insured suffers a serious injury or death due to an accident.

Group life programs help give employees peace of mind. Many of these offered policies are affordable options that can improve employee retention. Helping employees care for their loved ones is one more way to care for them.

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How Modification Rate Affects Workers Comp Costs

When it comes to calculating premiums for workers’ compensation insurance, the criteria involved are not always straightforward. One of the factors that are part of the equation is called an Experience Modification Rating. It is a multiplier that typically takes your claims history over the past three years into account. The mod rate can have a significant effect on how much more (or less) a company pays for workers’ comp coverage.

The rate starts at a baseline 1.0 and is adjusted from there. An above-average amount of claims over the time period can shift this value upwards. Typically, a business is compared to other companies with similar classifications to determine if the amount of cases is excessive or not.

Steps To Reduce Mod Rate

Since more claims result in a higher mod rate, then the opposite is also true. Fewer claims over time can reduce the rate – resulting in lower insurance premiums. There are several corrective and preventive ways to accomplish this:

  • Develop and promote safety and training programs.
  • Investigate accidents and learn how to prevent them from happening again.
  • Search for ways to improve ergonomics and fatigue-related injuries.

Workers’ compensation insurance can be a large expense for employers. Understanding the modification rate is essential for understanding how to reduce those costs.

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Personal Appearance Tips for Company Policy Manuals

Businesses want their employees to behave and dress professionally. A violation of company policy can lead to legal trouble when inappropriately applied. Carefully review guidelines regarding personal appearance to ensure it does not curb an employee’s protected rights.


As seen on, restrictions cannot discriminate against protected-class characteristics. That being said, companies can clearly define appropriate hair and grooming styles. Countering that with guidelines on what is inappropriate can help employees clearly follow guidelines. For example, well-groomed hair versus greasy hair.


The dress code is largely dependent on the organization. A company may have uniforms employees must wear whether full or only a shirt. Formal business attire may work in certain industries better than others. Business formal has the strictest guidelines while a casual dress code may not have many restrictions. Include a list of items not to be worn such as ball caps and flip flops.


While some businesses have no problem with visible tattoos, other companies may not want to see them at all. Be sure to include in the dress code policy any tattoo or piercing restrictions. For example, a tattoo may not look out of place at a bar, but a company selling mutual funds may not want employees to show them.

How a business handles a violation of company policy regarding dress code should be clearly stated. Make sure your policy manual is simple and easy to understand.

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Insurance for Boat Maintenance Professionals

Shipyard insurance isn’t just for people who repair boats and other seagoing vessels, even if it sounds like it would be. When you talk to professionals who service the marine business sector, you’ll find it applies more widely to all the facilities that provide long-term storage, maintenance, or cleaning services, especially those that clean the exterior hull of vessels before they are moved to a new location or stored seasonally. Why is that? Well, as the resource at points out, it’s because of the shared types of liability between those organizations, even if their range of services differs greatly from one company to the next.

Insurance Built To Match Your Business

Boat cleaning insurance needs to protect you from exposure to liability from the possibility of substandard work on the part of your employees and contractors, and it also needs to protect your customers from potential mishaps that could occur while the boat is in your custody. That’s why so many of the needs that boat cleaners have overlap with the insurance needs of other boat maintenance and repair facilities. Not all companies that provide maintenance services have the same needs, though, which is why you also need a policy that is customized to your individual operation. When you work with professionals who focus on customized insurance for marine businesses, you get access to both the basic policies you need and the customization you deserve.

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Improving Educational Careers With Liability Insurance

Education is integral to a functional civilization. This means that teachers, principals and other educators play a very important role as they shape today’s youth into becoming successful members of society. However, their profession also leaves them vulnerable to numerous risks and potential lawsuits. School administrators and leaders can protect their staff from such exposures with a strong educator liability insurance policy.

Potential Risks

While teaching does not initially seem like a dangerous career compared to many others, it can open legal disputes. The experts on list some potential risks.

  • Injuries underinsured party’s supervision
  • The hiring of unqualified educators
  • Improper education and teaching methods
  • Physical and sexual abuse claims
  • Privacy rights violations

The instructors are often liable in these scenarios. Regardless of the situation, educational institutions benefit from the protection provided by insurance.

Benefits of Liability Insurance

A strong coverage policy considers every potential vulnerability that instructors face, from claims against them to property damage done to them. They help cover potential legal expenses that would otherwise hurt the school. Even if the teachers’ reputation never recovers, they are compensated for their ordeal. Additionally, a financially healthy institution is best capable of helping its students.

Educators greatly benefit their communities and deserve the best protection against occupational risks and hazards. An educator liability insurance plan is best suited for these situations.

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Potential Impacts of the Coronavirus for the Insurance Industry

The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, is now impacting people, businesses, and the overall economy on every continent except Antarctica, with a reach that extends from the local to the global level. The implications of the virus for the insurance industry are only beginning to be revealed. Connecting with insurance agent news sources will help agents stay abreast of I for the industry as they become known.

Which Industries Will Be Impacted?

While the impacts on the health insurance industry are likely the most obvious, other segments of the insurance industry will also potentially experience the effects of the virus as it begins to disrupt multiple sectors of the economy. In recent days, event cancellations have hit the hotel industry as large events and travel plans are canceled. Source: Program Business. Possible insurance industries to be affected include:

  • Life
  • Travel
  • Commercial
  • Farmers
  • Unemployment

COVID-19 has only recently begun to spread in the U.S.; thus, currently, there have been few claims resulting from the virus. However, this has the potential to change rapidly if the virus is not contained. Major disruptions to business and the food supply chain could result in more claims from business owners, farmers, and the unemployed. Staying informed can help insurance agents to be prepared for future impacts on the insurance industry.

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Three Ways Nonprofits Can Address Politics in the Workplace

Election season has already started with the primaries wrapping up and November only a few months away. Many nonprofit organizations help run a variety of charities but are not immune to the stressors of politics. Here are some things to keep in mind regarding politics and non profit organizations.


The experts at VIS states political discussions can become controversial. As an employer, you can prohibit these conversations from taking place during work hours. Keep in mind that not all political speech can be restricted. For example, employees can discuss working conditions or labor politics.


Employees should not use office equipment to help support a political candidate or campaign. This includes using copiers to make flyers, brochures and other campaign advertisements. The employees should not access or use the nonprofit’s member list or their organizational contact information for any political campaign purpose.


Political restrictions included with a dress code policy may be more readily received than separated in the policy manual. For example, banning all hats within the workplace includes politically endorsed hats as well.

Combining politics and non profit organizations can create a negative workplace environment. If the nonprofit has any questions regarding the introduction of new policies and procedures, an experienced nonprofit attorney can help review the changes for increased liability.

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Tax Season Advice for Truckers

Tax season is here again, but as a trucker, you don’t have to dread it. There are a variety of ways to make tax laws work for you so that you can get a sizable return, or at least minimize the amount you owe. Use these truck driver tax tips to help you prepare to file.

  1. Get Organized

No one likes to think about taxes every day, so set up a system where you don’t have to. Designate a special envelope for receipts and keep a notebook in the glove compartment to keep track of mileage. Having everything in one place will minimize your stress at tax time.

  1. Hire a Professional

Accountants eliminate the stress of worrying whether you have filled out complicated forms correctly. As Western Truck insurance programs point out, tax laws change every year, so you need a professional to keep you up to date with the latest changes.

  1. Think Outside the Box

Trucking is a unique profession, so your tax deductions are going to be different from those in other jobs. Potential deductions might include:

  • Furnishings for sleeper berth
  • Highway tolls
  • Fuel
  • Professional trucking magazines

Using these tips will help make preparing your taxes as painless as possible. Remember, the deadline to turn in your tax return is April 15.

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3 Ways to Safeguard Your Practice from Malpractice Claims

It’s no surprise that the healthcare industry is on a steady economic incline. Unfortunately, even with such a positive outlook, studies show that up to 88% of physicians who specialize in high-risk specialties will likely have one malpractice claim on record. Malpractice claims are filed when a hospital or medical professional fails to treat a patient properly or cause additional injury or harm. With that in mind, it’s essential to avoid these claims by following these three recommendations.

1. Communicate With Every Patient

Effectively communicating with your patients is probably one of the easiest and most affordable ways to protect your practice and business from malpractice claims. It doesn’t matter if you’re beginning your career or have an established business; it’s crucial to be an active and respectful healthcare provider who listens and gives genuine feedback to every patient.

2. Stay Current on State and City Regulations 

Every state’s medical practice requirements are different. If you choose to pursue patient care in different states, you must become familiar with how each state operates. Then, it’s important to maintain those standards and manage your business within the specified statute.

3. Maintain General and Professional Liability Insurance

Even when you establish a positive doctor to the patient environment, things can still go wrong. Inevitably, many doctors face exposure to incidents that could result in a potential malpractice claim. Huntersure is a resource for allied health insurance providers to help in obtaining and maintaining active general and liability insurance to protect against these claims.

Guard yourself and your business from potential malpractice claims that can hinder your healthcare career. It’s as easy as effectively communicating with your patients, staying current on state regulations, and maintaining the proper insurance.

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