Automated Systems Takes Insurance Processes to the Next Level

Whether one is a program administrator, managing general agent (MGA), or an insurance carrier, if you are striving to be among the best in the industry, you are no doubt relying on an automated insurance rating system to function at the core of your operation. What do these marvels of modern technology accomplish? Just about everything in the lifecycle of a policy, for one thing, from the application submission to the creation of a declarations page and generating a statement; renewals, endorsements, or policy rewrites; claims filing and management, data reporting, and more–these systems are typically modeled after the workflow of an actual insurance company (and programmed by professionals who have many years of experience in the Property/Casualty insurance industry), yet taken light-years beyond in terms of automation and integration with other systems.

Systems are flexible, far beyond default settings

Many of these products offer a variety of cutting-edge business solutions, with myriad capabilities such as:

  • Flexibility to migrate to and grow with increasingly larger hardware platforms to match company growth
  • Seamless connectivity with operating system software, complete with drop-down selections for simplicity and auto-filled fields to streamline inputs and reduce errors
  • Customization opportunities to tailor to fit the specific needs of a program administrator, managing general agent, or insurance carrier
  • Affordable, flexible pricing to fit most any budget, reflecting modules selected, lines of business used, and the size of the organization

The road to quality has many entrances

Whether one is a program administrator, managing general agent, or an insurance company, it is vital for your organization’s survival to ensure your processes reflect both efficiency in the short term, as well as effectiveness in the long run–which means that it is vital to make sure that, at the hub of your operation, is a robust automated insurance rating system. Contact a quality provider of these products today to learn more. The best in the industry are ready to take your operation to the next level, with policy management systems for both property and casualty lines of business as well as commercial lines of business. Contact a quality provider today.

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