Beyond Carpenters Thumb

Beyond the general injuries common to all construction tasks, there are mishaps specific to certain artisanal practices. Risks are different depending on the tools and techniques used. Handicraft carpenters who work on delicate moldings or carvings don’t need to be insured in the same way as carpentry professionals who deal with house frames. Attract new clients and maintain current relationships as partner operations expand by offering a selection of carpentry workers compensation policies that’s varied and robust enough to address the needs of various specializations.

Done By Hand

The statistics on the types of injuries sustained by artisan workers might be unique, but the services they need are common to all workers compensation policies. Both employers and employees need their rights protected. The first step to a balanced and effective advocacy is choosing policies that fit the exact needs of a profession. After all, you wouldn’t offer a policy that covers race pit crews to a small auto repair shop. Make sure you start off on the right foot by getting policies that fit, and everything will work out naturally in the event the unfortunate occurs.

Your clients depend on you to pay the same attention to their carpentry workers compensation policies that they do to their construction work. Make sure you can offer the best policies that cover all the likely eventualities efficiently.

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