Boating Safety Should Be A Priority

There are certain responsibilities that come with owning a yacht. Weather can be a serious factor as to just how safe it is to be boating, particularly during months when the seas can be most difficult to maneuver. Aside from the unpredictable nature of the weather, there is also the need for an understanding of international maritime laws.

Yacht insurance in Newport Beach will cover damage occurring to the physical hull of the ship, but first party and third party liabilities may contain various coverage exclusions, such as territorial limitations that determine where you can sail your vessel.

There has been an increase in the sales of yachts in the mega-size class, and with more people sailing the waters there comes more potential for incidents and accidents to occur. Safety is perhaps the best tool for dealing with concerns regarding hazards both on land and in the water.

Things to do before heading out to sea

Check every working part of your yacht to ensure that your personal watercraft is operating properly before heading out onto the water. You should be following a pre-departure checklist every time, before sailing, to help avoid any potential problems that could spring up.

Check your engine, looking for any signs of fuel or fluid leakage, as well as possible excess water in the bilge, the lowest section inside of your boat. For outboard engines, check the fuel system for leaks or the heavy odor of gas. Excessive fuel vapors can be a sign that a serious problem has developed.

Also, check fuel levels, ensure that all lights are functioning and in place, and check for any electrical issues such as loose, disconnected or corroded conductors or wires. Check the local weather report, any sea reports and boating forecasts. As the operator of the boat, you have a duty to pay attention to any potential for bad weather and should never head out if adverse conditions are expected.

Finally, test radio/communications devices to be sure they are fully functional and have an emergency and/or evacuation plan in place that should be gone over with your passengers. Have a good time while out on the water and always carry yacht insurance in Newport Beach for those times when issues occur that need to be addressed.

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