Protecting Your Boating Hobby

When you have the warm sun on your face and a breeze in your hair, you aren’t worrying about what will happen if your boat gets into an accident. Unless you live in a state that requires vessel insurance, you may not have taken out a policy to address the liabilities of your hobby craft. However, the right insurance will make a big difference in your ability to sail worry-free.

Coverage Inclusions

With boat insurance, a policy could provide the financial coverage when damage occurs to your boat or parts of it equipment, as well as damage your boat might bring to other boats or property and any bodily injuries that may occur due to an incident involving your boat. Vessels that are usually eligible for coverage include both engine and sail-powered crafts, but vessels that are usually excluded are personal watercraft, such as:

  • Wave runners
  • Wave jammers
  • Jet Skis

Why a Special Policy?

Although boat insurance isn’t always required, the expert information found at advises that you purchase a stand-alone policy rather than relying on your homeowner’s insurance to cover potential damages. While there may be some inclusions of your craft on your other policy, boat insurance lets you specialize in your protection and guarantee financial security when an accident occurs. Paying for the repairs of your boat, someone’s medical bills or the costs associated with legal action could destroy your life’s savings. Don’t’ sail into a disaster; purchase boat insurance.

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Boat Insurance Coverage and Costs

If you’re trying to obtain boat insurance cost estimates, you’ve probably seen that prices and coverage can vary greatly. Costs can run anywhere from $300 to over $1,000 per year, depending on a number of different factors. For example, how frequently you use the boat, the type of boat you have, your driving history, and what area you reside in will all have an impact on your insurance costs. The type of coverage you select will also impact costs, but it’s very important that you understand what kind of coverage you’re getting.


Liability refers to anything that’s determined to be your responsibility. There are two primary types of liability insurance:

Bodily Injury (damage to a person)

Property Damage (damage to an item)

Medical Expenses

You may be held responsible for medical bills if someone in your boat gets hurt, even if you’re not at fault.

Uninsured Boaters’ Coverage

Not everyone has insurance, and if you get hit by someone who doesn’t, this coverage will handle any related expenses.

Personal Property Coverage

This coverage can be used to replace all kinds of items that could be damaged in a boating accident. From boating equipment to luggage. Again, your boat insurance cost will vary depending on what type of insurance you select and the levels of coverage you choose, but it’s important to understand your coverage.

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Get The Right Insurance For Your Boating Needs

When owning and operating a water vessel you must maintain safety at all times. Even if you are as safe as you can be there will still be times when an incident occurs that is completely out of your control. You may have experienced, at one time or another, a situation in which you’ve had to avoid a reckless boat operator who either wasn’t paying attention, or experienced some type of distraction. In either case, had you not been practicing safety you could have been involved in an accident. This is why we express the need for insurance for California boats.


After all, it may only take a split second to cause thousands of dollars in damage to your boat, not to mention the risk of serious injury. Help protect you and your boat in case of accident, liability, or even theft, so you can concentrate on more important things, like getting back to having fun cruising along the marina.


Why insurance coverage is so vital


Your boat was probably a major expense and something you take special pride in owning. That’s why it’s important that you do your part to help protect your boat, Jet Ski, transport trailer, or any other marine equipment that you own, in the event that they’re stolen or suffer major damage of any sort. Also, you need to help safeguard yourself as well as your family and friends in case of a lawsuit resulting from an accident that you’re involved in.


Boat insurance is not only a necessity for protecting you and your passengers, it’s there to protect your assets from being seized due to a lack of insurance or not being properly covered in the case of a major incident involving a large settlement figure. The right boat coverage can keep you from having to pay for damages out of pocket in the event of an accident. Getting quality insurance for California boats that’s the right fit for you is the best thing you can do for yourself. Talk to an agent that can offer you comprehensive, liability, collision and other boat coverages at affordable current rates.

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Newport Beach Boat Insurance and Accident Prevention

When operating a recreational boat in Southern California, safety has to be a top priority. If a person dies or is injured and requires medical treatment, or if damage to the boat or other property is extensive, a Newport beach boat insurance policy can aid the owner of the vessel with costs associated with the incident. But, when operating any type of personal watercraft it’s important to make sure that the participants have been properly instructed on procedures and the proper behavior required in order to have a safe and memorable experience.

California regularly has the highest number of reported accidents involving boats used for pleasure. Problems usually arise from participants engaging in the drinking of alcoholic beverages, or not making proper use of life jackets, which can save a life in the event that someone falls overboard, especially young children or those persons lacking strong swimming capabilities. Life jackets should be made available for all passengers on any water vehicle, greatly reducing the chances of death by drowning.

Alcohol is a major concern 

Research has shown that alcohol, combined with typical boating conditions such as motion, vibration, and engine noise, can often impair a person’s abilities much more quickly than alcohol consumption on land. Boats operated by persons with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) above 0.10 percent are estimated to be more than 10 times more likely to be killed in a boating accident than boat operators with zero BAC.

Other notable factors often mentioned are operator inattention, and operator inexperience.

The likelihood of deaths or injuries occurring can be greatly reduced by making sure that the person operating the boat is not doing so under the influence of drugs or alcohol, is an experienced operator (or has someone with experience supervising their every move), and is giving his or her undivided attention to the task of maneuvering the vessel through water and past any obstacles.

Having Newport beach boat insurance is a vital way to protect, not only the boat owner but also the passengers on the vessel in the event of accident or injury. Many boat owners in Southern California and the surrounding areas have vessels that are expensive and highly valued, and as such should have insurance that reflects the value of the craft.

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