Protections for Your Staffing Business

When running a staffing agency there are many considerations that need to be made to make sure you are operating efficiently and following all the necessary protocol. When done right, you can secure relationships with businesses who will rely on your agency for providing the talent that you pass along to them. While your business is valuable to organizations that are looking for the right workers to fill their vacancies, things can go become unnecessarily complicated among the parties involved if there are any accidents, mishaps, disagreements and disputes. By contacting an agent that specializes in staffing insurance solutions, you can provide the best service possible with minimal worry.

Support From Staffing Insurance

Depending on the types of contracts you work with, you may need different types of coverage. These issues can arise within the agency itself or at the client’s place of business. Some safeguards that may be in your plan include the following:

Injuries and accidents
Protections for temp workers not qualifying for the same benefits as regular employees
Cyber liability
Property damage
Staffing errors and omissions

Regardless of the types of industries your staffing agency serves, these basic coverages can be very useful for minimizing the potential damages that come along with legal repercussions that often result from these issues. Therefore, staffing insurance solutions are not just added protection but a necessity in many cases.

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The Top 3 Reasons You Should Consider Insurance for Pollution Liability

The Top 3 Reasons You Should Consider Insurance for Pollution Liability

As a contractor or environmental consultant today, you likely encounter situations regarding the need for liability insurance on a regular basis. Thankfully, Contractor’s Pollution Liability insurance, or CPL for short, exists to cover you and your business.

1. It Is Flexible

CPL plans are designed to protect you and your work product, regardless of the type of work you perform. In the wide range of options, you could choose from liability insurance that covers claims for personal injury, clean-up costs (including pollution removal and transportation), property damage and emergency responses.

2. It Is Personalized

Insurance companies recognize that your work can happen on a large or small scale, so pollution liability insurance plans can be designed to fit your needs. This means that if you would prefer CPL for just individual projects or for larger yearly coverage, you can find the best plan for your work.

3. It Is Cheaper Than You Think

With so much versatility among plans, high-quality liability coverage can be found at a reasonable price. Additionally, consider the long-term financial and mental value offered by comprehensive plans. An experienced broker can help you find the best deal on insurance. Taking the time to understand your unique needs concerning pollution liability insurance sets a solid foundation for the future of your business.

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Boat Insurance Coverage and Costs

If you’re trying to obtain boat insurance cost estimates, you’ve probably seen that prices and coverage can vary greatly. Costs can run anywhere from $300 to over $1,000 per year, depending on a number of different factors. For example, how frequently you use the boat, the type of boat you have, your driving history, and what area you reside in will all have an impact on your insurance costs. The type of coverage you select will also impact costs, but it’s very important that you understand what kind of coverage you’re getting.


Liability refers to anything that’s determined to be your responsibility. There are two primary types of liability insurance:

Bodily Injury (damage to a person)

Property Damage (damage to an item)

Medical Expenses

You may be held responsible for medical bills if someone in your boat gets hurt, even if you’re not at fault.

Uninsured Boaters’ Coverage

Not everyone has insurance, and if you get hit by someone who doesn’t, this coverage will handle any related expenses.

Personal Property Coverage

This coverage can be used to replace all kinds of items that could be damaged in a boating accident. From boating equipment to luggage. Again, your boat insurance cost will vary depending on what type of insurance you select and the levels of coverage you choose, but it’s important to understand your coverage.

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Agent Insurance Marketing as a Way to Increase Sales

Consumers, now with easy access via the Internet, are much more savvy concerning the insurance products and services they decide to purchase. Insurers must provide more than just good products, as they now must also understand the importance of good communication between the broker and client. At the end of the day what is most vital is that the customer winds up with the proper coverage in place.

Clients are greatly concerned that their insurance may not be sufficient for every situation that may arise and wish to discuss their policy coverage and hopefully receive information about how they can get more value out of their insurance investment. Agent Insurance Marketing done properly can allay many fears and often results in client satisfaction and customer trust.

A company’s strength lies in the quality and depth of their products as most marketers understand. As an industry, these agencies need to deliver on the promise of value and relevance by providing more personalized content to a vast audience segment. Smaller brokers must work even harder than those having a larger staff, which enables them to service their clients with much more frequency.

The challenge of increasing sales in a competitive market

Insurance marketers, as a result of online capabilities, can leverage automation to systematically deliver marketing content, which helps them better understand which efforts are actually working. Automation also helps track online behavior of consumers in such a way that agents are better able to analyze the results of their efforts.

Marketing insurance services are all about building strong relationships while managing brand presence. This helps to maintain growth as anyone knows, and insurance carriers have come to depend on this complex distribution channel as a way of measuring their success.

Marketers are able to reach their intended audience through the distribution of highly personalized electronic newsletters based on the interests of this target audience. Insurance marketers are also able to deliver automated campaigns based on profile data and typical website behaviors which allow’s for immediate engagement. This, along with social media and website data, helps to obtain information on what specific products or services are being sought. The idea is to create highly effective communications structured in campaigns that are tailored for insurance.

Agent Insurance Marketing allows an agency to gain leverage in a very competitive industry by focusing on a target audience in order to run a successful campaign.

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Coverage Concerns and Warehouse Insurance in Orlando

Warehouses have a slew of liability issues stemming from the equipment in use and the heavy merchandise often stored on the premises. This requires owners to carry warehouse insurance in Orlando, and in particular legal liability insurance as coverage for their warehouse storage operations. This policy helps cover a business as a “bailee” and that means they’re covered as a business entrusted with the property of others for any direct physical loss (or any damage of property) that happens during storage, docking, packaging, labeling or any other services provided by the company acting as a bailee.

Warehouse owners and managers have the arduous task of keeping the merchandise moving. The last thing they want slowing them down are concerns about whether they have the right insurance. An agent familiar with this industry understands that products can be at your location or on a truck and that inventory values change seasonally. This is why you need flexible limits and reasonable rates. Industry experts created warehouse insurance in Orlando that can provide protection specifically tailored to your needs, with the added goal of helping you to avoid costly claims.

Warehouse owners have a daunting task

The warehouse industry is integral to the logistics and distribution chain here in the US. A warehouse owner can unfortunately be held responsible for many different operations as a direct result of the services they provide, all of which come with many different exposures to loss due to a number of inherent risks associated with this type of work.

Everything from arranging the transportation of goods from one point to another, the storing of merchandise, managing inventory, and even the task of packaging products, comes with its own concerns. As an owner you must be fully aware that along the way anything can and may possibly go wrong.

In addition to concerns regarding merchandise being stored in your facility you also need to protect your building which is another important goal for any warehouse owner. After all your building, along with the items stored in it, is your business. The precise type and amount of coverage you may need depends on the type of structure you own, the kind of items you store inside and the way you handle those items. You may have a sprinkler system for fire safety, but you’re still going to need warehouse insurance in Orlando to protect you, not only from fire damage, but theft and other possible catastrophes as well.

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Employment Agency Insurance and Employment Practices Liability

Employment Practices Liability (EPL) coverage for staffing firms, as a part of any robust employment agency insurance program, is designed to protect companies against claims brought by an applicant or employee for allegations of discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination and other aspects of employment practices.

This policy is designed to provide coverage to the staffing firm for in-house employees as well as for contract (temporary employees) placed with clients who fall subject to their client’s work environments. While coverage is extended to the clients for any actions of the staffing services workers while at the client’s workplace, coverage is also extended to non-employees subject to the workplace environment as well.

Workplace investigations address important concerns

When an incident occurs an investigation helps to address problems and are an important tool for responding to complaints or incidents regarding suspected workplace misconduct. These investigations can also help improve employee morale, increase productivity, and end inappropriate conduct by employees and staff.

Internal investigations are vital to an employer’s ability to avoid litigation by promptly responding to any concerns about the work environment. In some cases, litigation might possibly be avoided altogether, since employees who feel their employers have addressed their complaints often respond positively when they feel the matter has been properly handled.

When necessary it’s best to initiate the investigation promptly, however do not compromise confidentiality, and assure those involved that all information garnered will be treated with sensitivity. It is best to remain as impartial as possible and never make assumptions. Also, choose an investigator who will avoid rushing to judgment.

Conduct an effective investigation

You can help with the investigation by explaining the process using simple language to communicate the purpose of the investigation to the complainant and any witnesses. Ask the witnesses to identify corroborating evidence or any documents related to the situation.

Document the procedure carefully by taking detailed notes, but remain mindful of attorney-client privilege issues. Remain professional and courteous toward all witnesses, including the complainant and the accused and remind involved parties of their obligations, which include confidentiality, non-retaliation, and the need for truthfulness and candor.

Always attempt to resolve issues fairly and satisfactorily, but in the event things go sour, employment agency insurance coverage will help you in dealing with any legal issues.

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The Advantages of Commercial General Liability Insurance in Florida

You are the owner and operator of a small business here in the Sunshine State. During your daily business routines you’ll likely interact with employees, contractors, clients, vendors, and others that serve your interests or purchase your products or services. If anyone one of them has a bad experience they could claim that your company was responsible for any injury or loss they may incur and take up some type of legal action against you. Whether this requires a defense against claims of property damage, bodily injury, libel, slander, or some other legal issue, a florida commercial general liability insurance policy can provide you with the coverage you need.

What is commercial liability insurance?

In the simplest terms, commercial general liability (CGL) insurance protects small business owners from a wide range of claims related to their business activities. The indemnity provided by a liability policy helps business owners cover the costs associated with mounting a legal defense as well as any settlement costs. In addition, many small business owners find that clients will require them to have this policy before they will sign a contract. They want the peace of mind associated with knowing that they’ll be protected if and when something does goes wrong.

Having the right coverage amounts in place can make a significant difference in your ability to negotiate with new clients and bring in additional revenue. A CGL insurance policy also helps protect a business by providing the financial resources necessary to keep it operational when unexpected events (such as an injury leading to a lawsuit) cause a possible financial strain on the business.

A CGL covers property damage as well

The fact remains that many companies become involved in a lawsuit at one time or another and even with everyone practicing safety and being alert as well as careful to take all the necessary precautions, it’s still possible that something bad could happen. It’s even worse when it results in damage to another person’s property. In any case, a florida commercial general liability insurance policy must be in place to compensate for any resulting physical damage to any person’s property.

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Night Club Insurance Protects Owners Facing Costly Liabilities

Nightclub owners have what must look like an enviable job. Popular clubs draw both locals and visitors from out of town and people often line up waiting for what may seem like hours to grace the inside of these glitzy venues. But being the proprietor may seem like a lot more fun than it actually is.

Consider the fact that nightclub owners must deal with a full range of situations that could result in injuries, property damage and perhaps even fatalities. Added is the new danger that terrorists and terrorist groups that target these clubs bring, and the concerns become even more serious.

While we hate to bring up the tragic event that recently occurred in Florida, events of this nature can negatively impact these businesses as well as cause serious financial losses. Having nightclub insurance is necessary since a company experiencing a business interruption of any sort requiring them to close their doors for days or even weeks could mean losing revenues that could be crippling.


Loss of revenue just one of many concerns

Aside from a terrible tragedy occurring, nightclub owners also have to contend with liquor liability issues, patrons getting into fights resulting in injuries and lawsuits, even accidents taking place away from the location. An example of this would be an incident occurring as a direct result of an inebriated customer leaving the club and causing destruction or turmoil while driving their vehicle. The list of risks and exposures faced by operators of nightclubs is long and it takes a great insurance package to address so many concerns.

In addition, you might face cash flow problems as a result of some incident where they experience serious damage to their venue. If a fire breaks out and causes enough damage you may find that you’ll have to close up shop for a period of time in order to make necessary repairs. When your business must remain shuttered for any length of time, those mounting costs can even lead to bankruptcy.

Purchasing adequate nightclub insurance will certainly help. To have success you’ll need coverage that addresses several risks and exposures that could hamper your ability to be a success. Speak to an agent about all of your questions and concerns.

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Defect Concerns and Manufacturing Liability Insurance

Things are much different in today’s business world than they were in the past. There was a time when people bought products for everyday living and they were generally satisfied with the results. Now there is a vast array of products to choose from, all from different companies competing for the same consumers, and many of these products come under some tough scrutiny. Therefore, businesses need to know how to be properly protected in the event of unforeseen circumstances that could result in claims due to injuries, or simply misconception about the intended use of the product.

Product liability is a very serious matter. Most products are examined and tested long before they go to market, but we still see defective products in stores all the time. A simple defect may not be a big deal, but one that causes public health concerns, or could lead to serious injuries occurring are a real issue. For manufacturers such as yourself, manufacturing liability insurance is your safeguard against claims that you may have accidentally put an unsafe product into the hands of consumers.

Consider every aspect of the product

A couple of basic questions you might want to ask yourself when preparing a new product to go to market: When you think of this product, do you think of all the implications that can arise from its use? Is your primary focus solely on getting the product into the hands of the consumer? You really must focus on areas of safety and dependability as much, if not more, than just on advertising to keep your brand name in the minds of the public if you truly want to be successful.

With all of your years of experience in the industry you have probably come to realize that you’re just quite vulnerable to mishaps and things that are out of your control, any of which could result in property damage or injuries arising from the use of your products. That is why you need to focus on protecting your employees, your business, and your assets by obtaining adequate amounts of manufacturing liability insurance. Speak to an agent about any questions or concerns you have related to insurance.





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Insurance Marketing Strategies for Agents

Using those long-standing clients for customer leads can give you a big advantage as you prepare to list some of your insurance marketing strategies designed to attract new business. After all, clients are one of the best sources for referrals. Since they’ve already shown their loyalty by reenlisting your services over the years, this can go a long way in enticing others to want to join the fold. There are other strategies you’ll want to consider as well. A successful agent never puts all of “his or her eggs” in one basket.

1. Post customer video testimonials on your website

This is a really great tool to utilize. By posting on your website (and social media page), these short videos, featuring customer testimonials, will demonstrate your success rate to a great degree. No one can sell the benefits of doing business with you better than a satisfied customer. This can help to clearly demonstrate that your agency has quite a few clients with some great things to say about their own personal experiences.

2. Post letters from client online

This is yet another great marketing tool. Written notes expressing how your services helped them accomplish their goals often helps to close deals. By having a client write a letter, (or simply post a positive comment online about your agency), you’ll likely garner some inquiries. Make sure to post it on your social media page as well. The more exposure you have, the better. Those shopping for insurance will often look to others for guidance, and a few positive letters about your knowledge, care, and protection will help to improve everyone’s impression of your company.

3. Utilize your “Refer-A-Friend” page

If you don’t already have one (and who doesn’t?) create a page on your website that will allow people to refer friends to your agency. This has proven to work for many agents, and while you’re at it, send an email blast to your clients as well. You can email clients, and once in a while remember to post a link on your website and social page. These are a few sound insurance marketing strategies that are easy to utilize and really work!

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