Two Types of Contractor Insurance

Contractors have unique insurance needs and require specialized coverage. Whether your company works on large commercial projects, homes, or does general handyman work, contractor insurance in Orlando is necessary to help ensure adequate protection.

General Liability Insurance

Contractors are exposed to lots of risks everyday on the job. One bad accident could seriously impact the financial stability of a company and the ability of its employees to work. If you are independent contractor, an employer may insist you have general liability insurance before you can work on one of their projects. General liability insurance can covers things like property damage, medical expenses that may result from any injuries, and any legal costs.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Whether you have one vehicle or an entire fleet, commercial vehicle insurance is also important for contractors. In the event one of your employees or vehicles is involved in an accident, you don’t want to be exposed. Contractors frequently have all types of construction materials they must transport to job sites that could cause serious injury or mayhem if they become detached. Having commercial vehicle insurance will ensure the proper amount of coverage for sedans, pick-up trucks, vans, dump trucks, and any other vehicles your company uses.

No matter the size of your company it is important to carry the right contractor insurance in Orlando so your business interests are safeguarded In the event you need it.


photo credit: TranBC cc