Dangerous Dog Insurance for Owners of Aggressive Pets

Did you know that dog bites occur to more than 4 million Americans every year? Nearly one out of every five of those bites causes an injury requiring medical attention, this according to the Centers for Disease Control. Young children are the most frequent victims of dog attacks and are much more likely than adults to be injured by their wounds. Dogs considered to be dangerous due to their breeding are often the cause of attacks due to their aggressive nature.

While strays and other strange dogs can be responsible, most people are actually bitten by the family pet or a dog owned by a friend. Owners of these more aggressive animals need coverage, although some insurers are afraid of the risks involved. Still, there are companies willing to dispense dangerous dog insurance to aid those who are fond of these types of breeds.

Ways in which owners can help to prevent dog bites

When shopping for a new pet it’s important to choose a dog with a good temperament as a family pet. If you’re in the process of training the dog you should never leave young children alone with your pet. During training, try to discourage the dog from biting as a response to being approached, and whenever approaching someone while walking your dog, give the dog a command to heal or stay, particularly if the animal begins to growl. If your dog becomes aggressive, restrain the dog until the other person has walked past.

In the event your dog does bite or scratch someone it’s probably a good idea to provide first aid whenever possible. Dog bites can cause infections that need to be treated with antibiotics, especially if the bite is deep, or the bleeding can’t be stopped, or there are any signs of infection.

The proper care for a dog bite injury includes placing a clean towel over the injury to stop any bleeding, washing the bite carefully with soap and water, applying antibiotic ointment to the injury when possible, and applying a sterile bandage to the wound. For more serious injuries, after dressing the wound the victim should see a doctor immediately.

Owning a dog with an aggressive nature or a breed considered to be overtly aggressive, such as a pit bull or Rottweiler, means additional concerns when an incident occurs. Owners should seek a quote for dangerous dog insurance coverage as soon as possible, which will be necessary in the event your dog does cause an unfortunate injury.

Dog Bite Insurance Can Save You Money

As most dog owners fully realize, they will likely be sued if their dog ends up biting someone, especially if it leads to an injury claim. After all, these types of claims occur all of the time, and typically account for more than a third of all dog bite insurance liability claims paid out. This is according to the Insurance Information Institute (III), and they keep this type of information on record for public knowledge.

That statistic seems fairly consistent, as it has been over the last decade or so, according to III. They’ve also reported that the number of claims averages around 15,000 to 16,000 annually over that same period of time, and with the average cost of a claim running in the tens of thousands of dollars or more (due to the increase in medical costs), it’s important for all pet owners to carry dog bite insurance to aid in the costs for these injuries.

Ways to prevent dog attacks

The last thing you want is to be sued because your pet bit someone, inadvertently or otherwise. And let’s face it, no one wants to become the victim of a dog bite. Choices as to the type of dog you buy factors into this, though no one can tell you what type of dog you can own. However, proper training can really help in the prevention of dog attacks. We suggest that you have your dog spayed or neutered, and seek professional advice if your dog develops any type of aggressive behavior. Also, discouraging children from bothering your dog when it is eating or sleeping is extremely important.

Avoid becoming a victim to a dog that is a threat

To avoid becoming a potential victim, we urge others to never approach a strange dog, especially one that’s tethered on a leash. Avoid making eye contact with a dog that appears threatening, since many dogs can sense fear. You shouldn’t run past any strange dogs, so either turn and walk back the other way or cross the street.

Owners and pedestrians should keep these safety tips in mind since they can reduce the odds of a dog attack, but all dog owners need to invest in dog bite insurance. Speak to a reputable agent today and protect your many valuable assets.


State Laws and Liability Dog Insurance Issues

There are certain laws that determine dog bite liability, and these of course vary from state to state. Dog owners need to know exactly what the liability issues are in whichever state they live. Basically, there are two kinds of laws: liability when the owner of the dog knows (or should know) that the dog might be prone to biting someone, and then there is liability regardless of what the owner knew or should have known. Having liability dog insurance helps pay for any damages.

”One Bite” laws work to the dog owners’ advantage

The “One Bite” law is applied in about 40% of the states in the US. Generally stated, it once meant that a dog was allowed “one excused bite” before its owner wound up in legal trouble. Now, however, the one bite rule doesn’t necessarily allow a dog to bite someone without consequence. If an owner knows the particular breed is dangerous, the owner could be liable for that first time that an incident occurs.

The owner simply must take necessary precautions, all the more true based on his or her knowledge of the animal. For example, a dog that is prone to snapping at people should always be restrained. The owner could also be held liable if someone approaches the dog, is not properly warned about the animal’s aggressive behavior, and is subsequently bitten.

The dog’s breed, how the owner went about training the dog, how the owner typically restrained the dog under necessary circumstances, and for what purpose the owner bought the dog, for example, protection, could all be used in determining if there is a viable case against the owner of the dog.

“Strict Liability” dog bite laws

The majority of states have enacted “dog bite” statutes that provide specific rules for dog bite liability cases. “Strict liability” means that the defendant is held liable in the event that a specific event occurs, and this may be regardless of whether or not the defendant could have done anything to prevent the event from occurring.

As the owner of a dog that may be prone to biting or attacking, you should carry sufficient liability dog insurance. Because, in a court of law, if the plaintiff did not provoke the dog in any way, and was within his right to be located where he was at the time of the attack, then the defendant would be liable for the dog biting this person.

Looking at the Breeds That Bite the Most

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a Florida dog bite? If so, you may have wondered which dogs are known to be more inclined to bite, as well as how hard and where on the body they are likely to attack. An interesting study that collected data on nearly 7,000 reported canine-caused injuries in a recent three-year period found that the top-five breeds reported were:

The fine print mitigates the results

However, this list should be taken with a grain of salt for several reasons. For one thing, the breed of the animal as reported in an incident is noted in many cases by either victims or animal control officers, who may not identify the breed correctly. And are you surprised that Labs are at the top of the list? They are Old Yeller, the faithful companion with the built-in smile and lolling tongue; the dog whose lovable antics and lifelong friendship had audiences weeping in the movie Marley and Me; surely they are not capable of such behavior! Actually, even the most friendly pet can bite under certain circumstances and if provoked. And because Labs are the most common breed, due to their sheer number, animal control experts say they are disproportionately represented on the list.

Where the teeth are likely to make their mark

The study found that teeth make contact with what’s closest to them–which is, in most cases, the hand, followed by legs, arms, and then above the neck. In terms of severity, injuries were most often judged to be “moderate” or “minor,” with only four percent of cases listed as “severe.” When they do happen, the severe injuries often require stitches and even plastic surgery to repair the damage.

Rule of thumb: If it has teeth, it can bite!

Animal injuries, whether caused by a Florida dog bite or a New York cat scratch, can be minor or severe, but they should always be treated immediately to clean and disinfect the wounds to prevent infection, and attended by a medical professional if necessary.

The Importance of Florida Dog Health Insurance

Most pet owners tend to treat their dogs like a member of the family. Just like you understand the need to have insurance for spouse and children, you have probably invested in some sort of Florida dog health insurance as well. If not, simply by filling out a quick quote form online you can get competitive quotes from all the top pet insurance companies.

Approximately 75% of pet owners in the U.S. consider their dogs and cats as part of their family. If you truly love your pet, and don’t want to pay exorbitant medical bills on your own, then you really need to consider getting pet health insurance. These policies can help you pay for big, unexpected veterinary bills whenever your pet gets sick or injured.

Of course, with improved technology and extensive veterinary procedures, costly medical bills are fairly common, and for the uninsured, having to pay these sudden, unexpected bills can be financially devastating. This could result in euthanasia for many animals, which only leads to more practitioners promoting health insurance for pets.

Veterinarians who have experience with pet insurance say the coverage is more closely related to auto insurance than human health insurance in terms of cost. The average plan (for an animal under age 6) costs a mere $30 to $40 a month for dogs, which isn’t all that large an expense for dedicated pet owners, but many owners still haven’t taken the time to investigate their options.

Unhealthy pets may be more likely to bite or attack

An animal suffering from a disease or experiencing other health problems may become easily irritated and therefore more likely to act menacingly as a result of the pain they are experiencing. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, every year in the United States more than 4.7 million people are bitten by dogs. These injuries total over $400 million per year in medical and liability claims.

Realize that many homeowners or renters insurance policies exclude coverage for injuries caused by dogs, resulting in out-of-pocket expenses for pet owners. Check with your insurer to see if you have this vital coverage in place. Dog bite insurance is crucial for any responsible pet owner, as is Florida dog health insurance. Avoid facing any liability concerns should your dog bite an individual and cause harm. Protect yourself by carrying the needed coverage at all times.