Why Staying Informed on Insurance Matters

Business insurance plays a big part in whether or not your company sees the success you desire. While selecting the right insurance is a big step, there is also a lot of upkeep required to ensure you are doing what’s right by your company. Staying informed is a key way of understanding the changes happening in your industry. Directories like Program Business can help immensely in this regard. If you’re wondering what is Program Business, look over this information to learn more.

Endless Information

As showcased on https://www.programbusiness.com/, there are a number of useful features available to insurance providers and business owners. First, Program Business features a comprehensive list of insurance agents and agencies. This can be a huge asset in and of itself. What’s more, the site also features the latest insurance news. Topics covered on the site include:

  • Acquisitions and mergers
  • Changing laws related to insurance
  • Distribution changes and data

Staying Informed Matters

Having an in-depth understanding of the current landscape of the insurance industry can be a huge help. When you know the latest changes sweeping the insurance world, it can provide you with the insight you require to make the best decisions for your own business moving forward. Take time to explore the information provided on sites like Program Business to learn more about what’s out there.

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Insurance Marketing Strategies for Agents

Using those long-standing clients for customer leads can give you a big advantage as you prepare to list some of your insurance marketing strategies designed to attract new business. After all, clients are one of the best sources for referrals. Since they’ve already shown their loyalty by reenlisting your services over the years, this can go a long way in enticing others to want to join the fold. There are other strategies you’ll want to consider as well. A successful agent never puts all of “his or her eggs” in one basket.

1. Post customer video testimonials on your website

This is a really great tool to utilize. By posting on your website (and social media page), these short videos, featuring customer testimonials, will demonstrate your success rate to a great degree. No one can sell the benefits of doing business with you better than a satisfied customer. This can help to clearly demonstrate that your agency has quite a few clients with some great things to say about their own personal experiences.

2. Post letters from client online

This is yet another great marketing tool. Written notes expressing how your services helped them accomplish their goals often helps to close deals. By having a client write a letter, (or simply post a positive comment online about your agency), you’ll likely garner some inquiries. Make sure to post it on your social media page as well. The more exposure you have, the better. Those shopping for insurance will often look to others for guidance, and a few positive letters about your knowledge, care, and protection will help to improve everyone’s impression of your company.

3. Utilize your “Refer-A-Friend” page

If you don’t already have one (and who doesn’t?) create a page on your website that will allow people to refer friends to your agency. This has proven to work for many agents, and while you’re at it, send an email blast to your clients as well. You can email clients, and once in a while remember to post a link on your website and social page. These are a few sound insurance marketing strategies that are easy to utilize and really work!

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Florida Business Concerns and Commercial Property Insurance

Most insurance providers offer business commercial property insurance that can protect your operations in Florida for everything from a minor liability claim to something that could result in a major financial loss. Whether you own your own building, or lease your office space, business property insurance is the sure way to protect the assets of your business.

Disasters happen, and they’re not something that you often see coming. We take for granted that we’ll leave our office on a Monday night and when we arrive Tuesday morning everything will be just as we left it. But a hurricane could literally rip the building off of its foundation, or a fire breaking out in the office or warehouse could cause serious damage, including to the valuable contents within, or something as simple as a water pipe bursting could ruin computers, destroy important financial documents, and ruin furniture and other things necessary for ongoing daily operations. These are all valid reasons why you need to insure against any and all possible scenarios.

Why put your small business at risk?

Small business property insurance is one of the most important investments to help ensure the future productivity of your company. There are some important aspects of your business that commercial property insurance helps to protect, including your building, furniture and business equipment, any inventory or material goods, outdoor signage, and fences and exterior landscaping, along with any property belonging to others that is in your care.

There are a few different policies that will help to cover many of your concerns. As a small business owner (or one in a niche market), your company may be an ideal fit for a business owner’s policy (BOP). This is where the insurer bundles your commercial property and general liability coverages into one policy. This offers both convenience and discount rates. A commercial package policy (CPP) may be a more ideal fit for mid-size to larger firms, depending upon your risk profile.

Finally, It’s important to note that certain exposures are not typically covered under a commercial property insurance policy and need to be addressed separately, such as flood insurance, which in areas of Florida makes perfect sense to purchase as well.

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What Makes for a Successful Insurance Lead Program?

What makes for a successful insurance lead program? The first step taken in most agencies is assigning a single person in your office to be in charge of and also responsible for managing the program and ensuring that the insurance leads are worked in a manner that will help to maximize your company’s success.

This is the best way to avoid letting leads fall through the cracks. By assigning someone to manage your Internet insurance leads program, you’ll reduce the likelihood that it won’t get done properly. It could be an administrator or office manager, or anyone else you feel has the wherewithal to get the job done.

How to make an insurance lead program a success

Don’t dawdle – the faster you contact a lead, the better the chances are for success. Agencies that get the most success out of an insurance leads program put together a process where each lead is handled quickly and efficiently. In other words, strike while the iron is hot!

Doing so will decrease the time it takes to put together a quick quote and respond to each consumers request as quickly as possible. Many carriers offer an insurance lead management tool that is quite helpful, but if you’re looking for a more robust solution, there are companies who specialize in software and systems specifically designed to help agents get the most out of Internet leads. Independent agents should also consider using a comparative rater, which can drastically reduce the time it takes to respond to consumer requests.

Having a competitive product is key to succeeding

While to remain competitive you need to have comparably priced products, you also have to have a product that provides a good value when compared to other options that the consumer may be considering. Keep in mind that most insurance lead providers allow you to target and choose which type of consumers you wish to be matched with. This allows you the opportunity to eliminate consumers where you feel you are the least competitive.

Nowadays, as consumers become more and more insurance savvy (and the comparison shopping experience gets easier), most consumers realize that they have other available options. If your primary carrier has recently taken a significant rate increase in your area, it may make sense to hold off on insurance leads until your carrier’s competitive position improves.

Agents who invest in a good insurance lead program and set realistic goals, and allot a reasonable amount of time to do so, will learn the best ways to close online insurance leads.

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