Pollution Concerns and Orlando Manufacturers Insurance

Manufacturing companies understand the many growing environmental risks and liability concerns that they face. They may come under harsh scrutiny over the chemicals and toxins required by their industry, and can only protect themselves with some form of pollution liability coverage available through Orlando manufacturers insurance agencies. This is an effective risk management tool used to cover gaps left by any pollution exclusion found in standard commercial general liability policies.


Environmental risk and liability concerns have grown significantly due to many high profile disasters reported in the news. Costly oils spills and other releases of hazardous waste have destroyed wetlands, damaged our oceans and threatened our wildlife. Recent water contamination, most notably that discovered in Flint, Michigan, can potentially poison our drinking water all throughout the US, so diligence is essential to prevention.


All nations must address these concerns


The use of chemicals and other toxins, while necessary, create a growing concern on a global level. While we have a heightened awareness of the long-term environmental effects of these actions, we still face a heated debate on issues such as global warming, sustainable agriculture, and green building. These are certainly topics worthy of discussion, and in need of a resolution.


The impact of hazardous waste in our air, ground, and water supplies may be having a serious impact on human life as well as the environment. This requires an understanding of just what actions need to be taken. Manufacturers need to determine how to better manage these exposures, and pollution liability coverage can be an effective, strategic way to help to accomplish this.


However, much of the damage often goes unreported, or lacks any type of regulatory oversight. It may only take one catastrophic release from a pipeline, or an explosion that could result in immediate and long-term damage occurring. In such a scenario, the manufacturing company deemed responsible could face lawsuits, reputational damage, and significant liabilities issues.


Unfortunately, the production of finished, marketable products from raw materials comes at a price, as this process generates toxic waste. There is a need for more robust management of on-site and off-site chemicals and waste materials, or the result could be considerable environmental damage, at an extremely high cost. Orlando manufacturers insurance is one way to aid companies when an accident or oversight occurs.

Manufacturers Insurance for Valued Protection

Manufacturing companies provide products for a lot of industries across the US and many corporations rely on getting their precious merchandise on time for an awaiting market. If you begin experiencing delays you may face the possibility of losing crucial business from major firms you do dealings with. You need to consider the impact that having a work stoppage due to an equipment breakdown issue could cause for you and your business.

When your operations become interrupted due to a mechanical issue how will you be able to deliver your orders? Without backup equipment in place and at the ready you may need to find alternate ways to fill orders, either optional facilities or the rental of equipment. This naturally will increase your costs adding even more concern, and that’s where having manufacturers insurance comes into play.

Customers likely will not wait because they have deadlines to meet as well, so there’s a real likelihood that orders may be cancelled and you’ll also suffer a loss of revenue, along with possible damage to your reputation. Having coverage for equipment breakdown is the solution to this issue.

Many types of mechanical issues can occur

Aside from equipment used in manufacturing there is probably additional equipment that keeps your business up and running. Air conditioning for hot summer months, and boiler and pressure vessels are commonly used for heat and hot water. Cookers, sterilizers and some cleaning equipment are other common types of pressure vessels.

Boiler and pressure vessel accidents can be the result of defective welding, scale or sediment build-up, or simply the failure of control or safety devices. Persons in close proximity could experience a serious injury in the event of a major malfunction adding additional concerns.

Another common exposure for many manufacturers is electrical systems, which can further add to delays. Transformers, panels and cables, many of which are interconnected cause additional risk since excessive voltage issues in any one of these components can lead to significant damage to the entire system.

If your company has the distinct possibility of an equipment failure issue you should get the protection you need by having manufacturers insurance that includes equipment breakdown coverage to keep you up and running.

Defect Concerns and Manufacturing Liability Insurance

Things are much different in today’s business world than they were in the past. There was a time when people bought products for everyday living and they were generally satisfied with the results. Now there is a vast array of products to choose from, all from different companies competing for the same consumers, and many of these products come under some tough scrutiny. Therefore, businesses need to know how to be properly protected in the event of unforeseen circumstances that could result in claims due to injuries, or simply misconception about the intended use of the product.

Product liability is a very serious matter. Most products are examined and tested long before they go to market, but we still see defective products in stores all the time. A simple defect may not be a big deal, but one that causes public health concerns, or could lead to serious injuries occurring are a real issue. For manufacturers such as yourself, manufacturing liability insurance is your safeguard against claims that you may have accidentally put an unsafe product into the hands of consumers.

Consider every aspect of the product

A couple of basic questions you might want to ask yourself when preparing a new product to go to market: When you think of this product, do you think of all the implications that can arise from its use? Is your primary focus solely on getting the product into the hands of the consumer? You really must focus on areas of safety and dependability as much, if not more, than just on advertising to keep your brand name in the minds of the public if you truly want to be successful.

With all of your years of experience in the industry you have probably come to realize that you’re just quite vulnerable to mishaps and things that are out of your control, any of which could result in property damage or injuries arising from the use of your products. That is why you need to focus on protecting your employees, your business, and your assets by obtaining adequate amounts of manufacturing liability insurance. Speak to an agent about any questions or concerns you have related to insurance.





Liability Exposures and Manufacturers Insurance

Designing, manufacturing or distributing a product can be an exciting venture. However in our complex world, simply selling a product has become cause for concern, and moreover a product liability exposure. When a product sold by your firm injures someone, they will likely file a lawsuit against the responsible parties. A product liability policy, one type of manufacturers insurance, covers manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, retailers, and others who make their products available to the public.

Claims that are most commonly associated with product liability are negligence, design defect, manufacturing defect, a failure to warn about inherent dangers, strict liability, breach of warranty, and various consumer protection claims. Each type of product liability claim requires different elements to be proven to present a successful claim. Many wholesale and retail operations and venues, however, require that you as the manufacturer, distributor or wholesaler have products liability insurance on the items you develop.

What does manufacturers insurance for product liability cover?

Liability insurance is designed to protect the business against losses even if they are found to be negligent or liable for damage, injury or loss to another’s property. Typically, the insuring company pays damages, legal defense fees and settlement charges when a claim is filed against the business as a result of a liability suit. Products liability insurance will cover the insured for suits that arise out of damage or injury of use of a product that the holder of the insurance policy manufactures or sells.

If your company designs, manufactures, sales or distributes a component or end user product, you would be taking a huge risk by not having product liability coverage in place. This applies to any business or individual in the business of manufacturing his or her own product, even when the product in question is manufactured by a subcontractor or other entity. This includes an operation that resides overseas.

When purchasing manufacturers insurance for liability concerns the insurer will want to know, among other things, the type of product that you’re covering, its use and the target market, what materials were made to create the item, any claims made about the product and if it comes with detailed instructions. Ask your agent any questions you have about liability insurance and what amount may best fit your needs.