What to Know About Public Liability Insurance

Public liability is a vital form of insurance for many businesses. Companies that interact with the public are exposed to potential hazards that a general liability policy will not cover. Here are the important facts about public liability insurance to help you determine if it is a necessary policy for your business.

Customer-Facing Coverage

Public liability is important for any business that deals with customers in person. It is also crucial for a company that has foot traffic moving through business-owned or contracted property. A PLI policy should be purchased if your business includes one of the following professions:

  • Hairdressers
  • Retailers
  • Builders
  • Manufacturers

If you conduct business similar to one of these professions, or you specialize in an industry that interacts with a third party, contact an insurance provider to find the right PLI policy for you.

Customer and Third-Party Protection

A PLI policy is vital since it covers liability with parties that are not employed by the business. Some of the main protection provided by a PLI policy can include:

  • Cost of repairs
  • Legal expenses
  • Medical fees

PLI is essential for any business that exposes non-employees to damage or injury. Investing in a public liability insurance policy is the best way to protect your business along with the general public.

Preparing for Hurricane Season After Hurricane Harvey

While it may be more than a year since Hurricane Harvey dumped 52 inches of rain in the Houston area, there is still a concern with another hurricane season coming soon. A sugar land home insurance policy helps offset the financial costs of rebuilding or repairing the home. These tips can help prepare you for the upcoming season.

Prepare Ahead

Hurricane season doesn’t officially start until June, but it is a good idea to start preparing early. Panicking during a storm or right before one can cause exponentially more damage than the storm itself as evidenced during Hurricane Rita. Have a plan in case you need to evacuate. If staying home, keep plywood, nails and sandbags ready in the garage. Store at least a week’s worth of food, back up batteries, flashlights, a stocked first aid kit and bottles of water in case the power is out.

Check InsuranceEven if your home was not affected by flooding, double check with your insurance provider to ensure you have the coverage you need. If disaster does strike, you want to have the assurance that your home can be replaced without it costing you everything.

Many of the emergency preparedness techniques are good to have in your home year-round. Sugar land home insurance is there to support you when your home is damaged.

Night Club Insurance Protects Owners Facing Costly Liabilities

Nightclub owners have what must look like an enviable job. Popular clubs draw both locals and visitors from out of town and people often line up waiting for what may seem like hours to grace the inside of these glitzy venues. But being the proprietor may seem like a lot more fun than it actually is.

Consider the fact that nightclub owners must deal with a full range of situations that could result in injuries, property damage and perhaps even fatalities. Added is the new danger that terrorists and terrorist groups that target these clubs bring, and the concerns become even more serious.

While we hate to bring up the tragic event that recently occurred in Florida, events of this nature can negatively impact these businesses as well as cause serious financial losses. Having nightclub insurance is necessary since a company experiencing a business interruption of any sort requiring them to close their doors for days or even weeks could mean losing revenues that could be crippling.


Loss of revenue just one of many concerns

Aside from a terrible tragedy occurring, nightclub owners also have to contend with liquor liability issues, patrons getting into fights resulting in injuries and lawsuits, even accidents taking place away from the location. An example of this would be an incident occurring as a direct result of an inebriated customer leaving the club and causing destruction or turmoil while driving their vehicle. The list of risks and exposures faced by operators of nightclubs is long and it takes a great insurance package to address so many concerns.

In addition, you might face cash flow problems as a result of some incident where they experience serious damage to their venue. If a fire breaks out and causes enough damage you may find that you’ll have to close up shop for a period of time in order to make necessary repairs. When your business must remain shuttered for any length of time, those mounting costs can even lead to bankruptcy.

Purchasing adequate nightclub insurance will certainly help. To have success you’ll need coverage that addresses several risks and exposures that could hamper your ability to be a success. Speak to an agent about all of your questions and concerns.

Your Business Needs Self-Service Laundromat Insurance

Operating a laundromat can be a financially rewarding experience, but like most businesses, there are risks and exposures you must consider as well as the need for a plan to deal with issues of safety and risk management. A great deal might be at stake should anyone become seriously injured on the premises, and therefore you need to make sure that you’re properly protected with Self-service laundromat insurance.

Laundromats are viewed as a friendly neighborhood business frequented by locals, often single people without laundry facilities at their residence. Families unable to afford a washer and dryer also look to these havens, as well as anyone that owns a washing machine currently in need of repair. Finding the right location is an important part of the success or failure of any business, so be smart and do a little research before settling on a property.

Research can help determine if the neighborhood is safe

Some neighborhoods are safer than others. Employing a security guard might be worth your while, especially during evening hours. With various people coming and going on a daily basis your concerns are real. Having security cameras that monitor what goes on during business hours will also help by making recordings available so that, if an incident does occur, you’ll be able to give more details of what happened to authorities.

Operating within a safe environment is equally crucial, since there may be the possibility that someone could be hurt by equipment, or safety concerns like uneven flooring. Children tend to run around, which increases the likelihood of trips and falls that could lead to serious injuries. Also, touching the inside of a hot dryer could lead to someone being badly burned.

Posting signs is one good way to make people aware that certain activities (such as running and horseplay) are not permitted. Even with careful planning and the best of intentions, most laundromat owners will experience issues due to some form of mishap or injury taking place while running a business of this type. Most insurance companies offering Self-service laundromat insurance coverage are able to provide you with a policy at competitive prices, but they really need to analyze each unique situation in order to ensure that owners are getting the protection they need.

Healthcare Professionals and HPSO Insurance

Physicians are not the only healthcare professionals who find themselves facing claims or being sued. That’s why more than 65,000 individuals in the healthcare industry rely on hpso insurance for their professional liability coverage needs. Don’t let your client take the risk of losing everything they’ve worked so hard to achieve. Help them get the protection they need from expensive settlements for allegations they believe to be false or an inaccurate portrayal of the circumstances.

Professional liability insurance coverage offers the insured peace of mind while they’re on the job, or in many instances between jobs. This program provides healthcare malpractice coverage to many healthcare professionals across the US. Regardless of whether they’re an employee or self-employed, hpso insurance helps safeguard careers, along with the financial future of your clients, all at an affordable cost, for healthcare workers at a time when they need coverage the most.

Pharmacists are vulnerable to claims as well

As the pharmacist’s role continues to expand (including providing consultations and vaccinations), they too become exposed more and more to malpractice claims. With the duties they perform there comes increased exposure for professional liability claims. Two of the most common allegations against pharmacists are prescribing the wrong drugs and providing the wrong dosage. Together, these two allegations comprised about 75% of all lawsuits filed against pharmacists.

While stringent protocols and processes are commonly in place, mistakes are bound to happen. Your job is to ensure that your client has the needed services and products in place, and that they provided a safeguard against claims of all types. Because they’ve invested so much time and money in order to become a pharmacist they need to protect that investment. This can only be accomplished by making sure that they purchase adequate amounts of professional liability insurance coverage.

Nurses and other healthcare providers rely on professional liability coverage to cover a wide variety of healthcare issues, including personal liability coverage, personal injury coverage, medical payments, charges of sexual misconduct, and much more. Go over the many options available for hpso insurance coverage so that your clients can have the peace of mind they deserve.

Helpful Tips on Getting California Home Insurance Quotes

With the cost of everything going up these days, we are all looking for ways to save some extra money. This requires cutting out some of those things we often take for granted. While some people have done away with the morning trip to the coffee shop, others began carpooling to work to save money at the pumps.

One way to save that’s often overlooked is finding ways to reduce homeowner’s insurance premiums. This may require a little work on the part of the homeowner, but when obtaining california home insurance quotes remember that there are savings that can be obtained by making a few minor adjustments in and around your house.

Save money by raising the deductible on the house

According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), if you can afford to double your current deductible from $500 to $1000, you may save as much as 25% on your annual premium. Homeowners insurance is not intended to be used for small fix-it claims, and the benefits of a lower deductible can quickly disappear due to the increase in rates resulting from making such claims, as opposed to fixing minor issues without involving your insurer.

Save money with multiple policy discounts and adding safety features

Purchasing coverage for your home and car from the same carrier could save you up to 15% on both premiums. In addition, you can save up to 20% for additional safety features such as deadbolt locks, window locks, and alarm systems. Insurance companies highly value the protection afforded by burglar alarms and fire alarms (especially those connected to monitoring agencies such as local police and/or the fire department).

Improvements to a home can equal huge savings

A new home’s electrical, heating, and plumbing systems are likely to be in better condition than those in an older house. If making any home improvements to an older home, make sure to update the homeowner’s insurance policy accordingly.

Eliminate any coverage that isn’t needed

Ideally, a policy should cover any major purchases or additions to a home, but don’t spend money for coverage that isn’t needed. There may be appliances, electronics, and other possessions that have depreciated over time. When the time comes to compare california home insurance quotes, it’s probably a good idea to check the limits of the homeowner’s policy against the actual value of your possessions annually.

Savvy Businessmen Wear Hats But Leave Insurance to the Experts

With all the things that can happen unexpectedly in the course of conducting business, it’s a wonder that companies aren’t afraid to open their doors. In one mom and pop auto shop, a customer trips over some tools left on the workshop floor and falls to the cement, fracturing his wrist. Blocks away, a window dresser loses her balance while balancing on a stepladder to put a beret on a mannequin, falling backwards and crashing through the store’s plate-glass window, causing substantial injury to herself as well as to a woman who happened to be jogging past at just that moment. Across town at a high-end bike shop, a woman perusing a 21-speed sustains injury when she brushes against a row of precariously balanced performance bikes which fall against her, domino fashion. In each of these cases, a lawsuit could easily ensue-and unless these businesses have purchased public liability and professional indemnity insurance, they could literally be out of business.

The cost of compensation could be crippling

This type of business insurance coverage offers protection in the event you are sued for causing personal injury, death, damage to someone’s property, or bring advertising injury to another. The policy pays for court fees and legal costs, including damages should they be awarded-payouts that could possibly cost so much that, without coverage, your business could be crippled for years or even shuttered completely.

Savvy business owners don’t look at paying their premiums as just an expense; they know that protecting their property and activities is one of the best investments they can make in their company and their future. And while they are accustomed to wearing many hats as a small business owner, smart owners also know that analyzing and evaluating all of their risks and determining what suite of coverages they need is best accomplished by a professional who has the necessary education and experience. Understanding the differences between policy features and benefits offered by competing companies, exclusions, policy limits, and premium comparisons is an incredibly important job.

Seek the advice of a professional insurance agent to make sure you are receiving the most comprehensive coverage at the best price.