Clever Ways to Market Insurance Online

American insurance marketing is all about Internet Marketing, also known as digital marketing and includes a number of strategies. One such strategy is using your website as a hub to get leads. By driving traffic to your agency site to specific pages based on an SEO strategy that is compromised of key words (ex, auto insurance in Orlando), prospects will read about your expertise and product and have an opportunity to contact you with a prominent call to action. These leads can then be downloaded into your CRM for follow up by your producers.


Content marketing produces results


Good content marketing is key to successful Internet Marketing. It begins when you create or share interesting content meant to be helpful to your audience. Your sole purpose shouldn’t be to sell product, however. The idea behind this concept is to get your policyholders eager to hear from you. That way you stay top-of-mind with them when the time comes for them to look into new products and services.


A smart agent once said that the easiest leads to close are those that come from referrals from satisfied clients, so take the time to reach out to your policyholders by providing them with great content marketing and multipurpose this content across your online channels.


A good blog offers plenty of opportunities


A good blog offers content that is both interesting and engaging. Think of topics that are industry adjacent to what you do. Avoid writing about subjects that don’t fit in with your business model. Sharing high quality content to your social networks is key to having a socially engaged network of followers.


You should continuously promote this content through email and social websites, and then use this as a tool in order to get those interested to submit inquiries. This is a great way to get your email only clients on your social media channels and your social clients to read all the great blog posts and links you’ve been sharing.


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