Crime and Insurance for Nursing Homes

With an aging population, many people end up moving into a skilled nursing facility. They can receive round the clock care according to their needs, have access to meals and medications, and are able to socialize with companions. Skilled nursing facilities provide these and other services to their residents, but in the course of doing so, they are also subjected to many risks.

Criminals have targeted nursing homes and assisted living centers for some time, believing them to be easily preyed upon due to a lack of security along with occupants that can be easily victimized. Brokers who provide insurance for nursing homes have a difficult job in trying to help owners stem the amount of theft that permeates these facilities.

Nursing Homes often targeted for crimes

Nursing homes/assisted living centers seem to be one of those classes with a higher likelihood of a loss occurring. It’s extremely easy to find articles that indicate that this class of business is heavily targeted. There are of course the professional liability issues as well as crimes occurring, but finding the solutions to these problems should be at the forefront of everyone involved.

This type of exposure can greatly affect the bottom line of owners who could very well end up with a lower census due to move outs when the safety of their residents becomes an issue. These types of crimes often occur from the inside, performed by workers and interns looking to hoist a few valuables undetected. But outside elements are also often responsible for these types of losses.

For example, a resident’s jewelry or possessions could be stolen from their room. If they can rule out other residents, and if there are no suspects outside of staff and other on-site employees and vendors, then there is possibly an issue with hiring and not doing sufficient background checks.

To protect their operations and staff in case of a claim or financial loss, they need nursing facility insurance coverage. As an independent insurance agent who has worked with companies in the elder care and long-term care businesses, you can guide directors and owners of skilled nursing facilities in choosing the proper insurance for nursing homes policy for their needs.

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