Crime Insurance Coverage and Employee Theft

A large amount of theft perpetrated against small companies is the result of employees stealing from their own company. Many companies, relying on an additional staff of employees to help with their business during Black Friday and Christmas run a significant risk. They place people in a position to steal from them, and there is no feeling of loyalty since they are only being enlisted for the holidays.

Therefore, they need to put them through a rigorous interview process in order to hire only the best candidates. Realize that people put on their best face in order to secure a new job or position, but they may not be as trustworthy as they might pretend to be. Many times the people who get hired have ulterior motives for interviewing for a position. You will need to have crime insurance coverage in place to deal with losses resulting from illegal activities occurring right under your nose.

Employee theft has long been a concern

The sad fact is employee’s account for a large portion of the losses that companies incur annually. Even though a business may seem to be doing well, with customer satisfaction remaining high and sales on the increase, this may not always be reflected in the profit margins.

Sales clerks, customer reps, inventory accountants and bookkeepers all have access to either merchandise or funds and this can often result in losses due to inside criminal activity. Any successful company is dependent upon what is done to build and protect its business interests, and crime insurance coverage is one way to accomplish this. This policy is purchased to ensure protection from losses resulting from business-related crime.

A business owner needs to be concerned with losses that can happen from both inside and outside of their establishment. Protection should be purchased to cover merchandise, money or other property losses when someone victimizes a company, either by perpetrating embezzlement, robbery or any other form of business-related criminal activities.

Theft, which accounts for a large percentage of losses, isn’t the only concern, you may experience losses due to accepting counterfeit bills, forgery, stolen credit cards used for purchases, and much more. Today, with the added convenience of the Internet, hackers and thieves can also affect online shopping as well.

Contact an insurance agent who can build a tailored insurance solution that meets the specific needs of your business in relation to crime insurance coverage.

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