CT Car Insurance and Safe Driving Techniques

As seasons change here in the state of Connecticut, so should your driving techniques. Inadequate driving skills pose one of the greatest dangers while travelling in a motorized vehicle. Learning safe driving skills is important, especially for younger or first-time motorists. It is very difficult to unlearn bad habits, so starting out by following just a few driving rules can make you into a good driver, one that is capable of avoiding both accidents and traffic fines.

Most importantly, having these defensive driving techniques can save your life and the lives of others. Another part of being a good driver is being responsible, and that means carrying CT car insurance every time you get behind the wheel of a car.

Keep your eyes constantly moving and always leave room

Many drivers tend to develop a hypnotic stare at some point on the road not far in front of them, while others stare at the line between lanes, so when they notice dangerous situations at the last moment they tend to brake suddenly, sometimes creating accidents.
Instead, your eyes should be constantly moving up and down the road, to the sides, and as a driver, you should always know what’s happening behind the vehicle and to the sides of your car.

At all times, try to place your vehicle where other drivers do not determine your safety. You always want to be in control. When driving, this is called looking for “space cushions,” or places where you can go in order to avoid collisions.

For example, on a six-lane highway with three lanes in each direction, you’re in a very unsafe position if you’re directly behind another vehicle in the center lane going in one direction, with cars on either side in the two adjacent lanes. If the car in front of you suddenly brakes then you have no space cushion, and therefore you have no place to go if you cannot brake in time.

Also, if the car on your left or right suddenly moves into your lane because the other driver isn’t paying attention then your escape is blocked. You haven’t left yourself an out. Again, you’re not in control. Driving is a privilege that comes with a great deal of responsibility. This includes learning and implementing safe driving techniques, and always carrying adequate amounts of CT car insurance.

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