Customer Satisfaction is Key to Successful Insurance Telemarketing

Photo by Bada Bing via Flickr

Insurance telemarketing is an art and you need to hone your craft in order to be more successful at it. This begins with your first contact with a prospective customer. When prospecting, or calling people who won’t instantly recognize you, using both your first and last name builds your credibility and professionalism, and eases any skepticism. Once a relationship has been established, last names are no longer necessary.

Persistence really does pay off, but you don’t want to come off as annoying. If you ever receive comments about your being persistent, simply say something like, “I am. That’s because I believe so strongly in what I have, and how it will help you.”

When is the best time to call?

Have a specified field set aside in your computer or a consistent spot in your notes on the best time to call an individual. If you call the same people on a routine basis, knowing when you have a better chance of reaching them can save you a lot of time. If you catch them at a bad time, ask them when they would prefer for you to call, that way they will be expecting the call, rather than surprised by it.

Be sure customers are satisfied

Customer satisfaction is really at the heart of the matter. Dissatisfaction is the difference between customer expectations and results. It’s your job to understand what results your customer or potential customer expects, and then ensure that you can deliver before you sell them. It’s better to turn down a sale rather than have it turn sour. All good insurance telemarketing companies understand how important this fact is.

While you won’t always have a perfect fit with what someone needs, by referring them elsewhere, you are still accomplishing what should be your ultimate objective: helping the prospect get what they really want and need. They will appreciate your willingness to help, and perhaps when the prospect does have something you can help them with, they’ll remember you as a result of this exchange.

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