What is Cyber Security Insurance?

You’ve made sure that the physical components of your business are insured, from your equipment to your merchandise to your employees, but what about the virtual parts of your business? In an increasingly digital age, you store a lot of sensitive information through your business, whether you realize it or not. From credit card info to employee paperwork, Indiana cybersecurity insurance keeps that information protected in the event of a breach.

What Does That Mean?

Just like criminals have been breaking into physical locations for centuries, a new type of crime is rising where hackers break into your digital storage to steal information, damage systems or cause other types of havoc. Indiana cybersecurity insurance protects your customers and employees from losses due to stolen information and reimburses you for costs associated with informing people, providing credit monitoring for affected customers, rebuilding or updating your systems, and any business losses from forced temporary closing. Without insurance, you would be responsible for all these costs, which can be crippling for any business.

General liability policies typically don’t include cybersecurity provisions, so it’s important to be sure you have coverage. Finding Indiana cybersecurity insurance that works for your business and protects your customers is crucial to keeping your business running smoothly after a breach.

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