Daniels Insurance and Construction Crime

The construction business is fraught with issues stemming from theft and crimes like vandalism. These can slow down the progress of the project and this adds up to costly delays. As a contractor you realize that could be the difference between making a profit and sustaining a loss. Your ability to control theft and vandalism on the site are vital to the success of the job. Unfortunately you can’t be everywhere, and when the site closes down for the night is when your equipment is most vulnerable.

When losses occur due to crime or theft, you’ll need the protection of a construction policy tailored to meet this specific coverage need, and Daniels Insurance can provide the type of policy that you need. In the meantime, these suggestions on efforts to control job site security and assistance in identifying major sources of crime losses should be of some help. You should focus on implementing these measures for controlling such losses.


Establish some general safety guidelines

You can start by creating and posting a written security policy. Then, develop a job-site security plan, assign supervisory security responsibilities and encourage security awareness among all workers. Require prompt reporting by workers of any incidents of theft and vandalism that occur and launch an investigation immediately. Report all losses to the police immediately, and maintain complete records of all security incidents.


On-site security measures are extremely helpful

Make sure that you provide limited access to the site at all times, preferably with gates secured by locks. Check the site out at the end of each day before securing it, and whenever possible, enclose the job site with a security fence and make sure that there is nighttime lighting on the site. It’s also a good idea to post warning signs to keep out unauthorized persons. If feasible, hire security guards and have them patrol the site on designated rounds.


Secure all tools, materials and equipment

You might also want to establish a program for verifying all deliveries. Consider utilizing a secured area within the site for equipment storage and maintain an inventory control system for all equipment, tools, and materials. Mark all tools and equipment to allow for easy identification. While this should greatly help reduce theft and crime, when items do go missing, Daniels insurance for contractors and construction companies can help cover the replacement costs.

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