Employee Benefits Programs Offered Through Insurance Companies

Being able to offer your employees a competitive benefits package is important for many reasons. It helps attract and retain talented employees, helps make sure all you employees are happy, and makes everyone feel appreciated. Some Santa Clara Insurance companies are now offering employee benefits programs to help companies do all of these things. What kind of benefits can they offer?

Health Plans

The most important thing you can offer your employees in a benefits package is a health plan. Many insurance companies offer a wide selection of plans for you to choose from on behalf of your employees. These plans can include consumer-driven health plans, group health, long-term care, and disability.

Retirement Plans

After health plans, the benefit most requested from businesses is a retirement plan. The most common retirement option is the 401k. This is an excellent benefit to offer your employees. A 401k is largely regarded as one of the most important criteria for job acceptance with a potential employer.

Life Insurance

Going the extra mile for your employees makes them feel appreciated. Offering life insurance will make them feel secure, both at home and at work. Many insurance companies offer plans that you can tailor to your company’s specific needs.

Offering your employees a competitive benefits program has never been easier. Contact your local Santa Clara insurance broker to find out what they have to offer you and your employees.


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