EPLI Claims and New York Business Insurance

Nearly all businesses in New York are exposed to a large amount of risks, and no matter what size and type of business you’re running, there’s always the possibility that one of those risks could threaten to take down your business. Your employees expect a lot out of you and of their job, and if they ever feel mistreated, a lawsuit is never too far away. Employment allegations are a common form of business-related claims and New York Business Insurance provides a solution that helps to mitigate this particular form of risk.

No employer wants to be notified that they’re being sued over something that was misinterpreted, or was said by someone they hired that didn’t understand the ramifications of their statement or actions, but it happens quite often. Employee practices liability insurance (EPLI) will provide protection for an employer from claims made by employees, former employees, or even potential employees.

New York employee practices liability insurance will provide coverage from:

  • Discrimination (age, sex, race, disability, etc.)
  • Sexual harassment
  • Wrongful termination of employment, and
  • Other employment-related allegations

The truth of the matter is, it only takes one upset or disgruntled employee to turn what may appear to be a harmless situation into a raging lawsuit with subsequent financial repercussions. If an otherwise reasonable person is offended by an occurrence that takes place at work, whether it is pictures of a sexual nature, profanity, dirty jokes or direct sexual comments, chances are that sexual harassment has probably occurred and an EPL claim can, and likely will arise.

For example, while most people in the office might not really care about a co-worker’s vulgar language, if just one individual finds it unacceptable for any reason, this is the root of the problem. And if that person is offended, and believes that it makes working in this environment uncomfortable, then he or she could have a case for sexual harassment. Next thing you know you’re being sued and you will need New York Business Insurance coverage relating to EPLI to pay for legal fees and any other subsequent costs.

Having this coverage in place will help to pay for defense costs and damages related to the various employment-related claims listed above, or any other claims deriving from the employer-employee relationship.

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