Establishing Your Agency Insurance Marketing Plan

As everyone associated with the insurance industry can tell you, there are many reasons to focus on online Agency Insurance Marketing. For one, consumers have come to rely and demand more on the Internet for every type of product and service, and use the web to get the majority of their information about products and services before they actually buy anything, including insurance.

One of the great things about digital marketing is that it’s easier to monitor your online marketing campaigns and determine the rate of success. One of the main reasons to use online marketing is that it’s often more cost effective than many of the traditional offline marketing tactics that have been in use for years, like print advertising or direct mail.

Create a marketing budget that identifies just how much you’re willing to spend on updating your website (this should include maintenance and content updates), search engine optimization, email marketing and social media.

Pinpointing your target audience

What is it that makes your agency different from the rest? Can you name 3 reasons why someone should choose your agency over the competition? Perhaps you view your agency as more professional, but is this how current customers view your agency?

Answering these questions will help you to better identify your brand which will help direct you in your marketing efforts, including how your website looks and what you share on social media. Once your brand is established, all you need to worry about regarding your brand is being consistent and sticking to your brand values.

One of the most important aspects of any marketing campaign is realizing exactly who your audience is. One of the better approaches is to target a specific geographic area. You need to know precisely what niche you are trying to capture. For example, does this area have new families or retirees, and are there a lot of homeowners, or are the residents primarily renters?

As part of your Agency Insurance Marketing plan use social media wisely, as it’s a great way to establish that you’re an insurance expert as well as help build relationships. Remember that blog posts are great content to share on social media pages.

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