Everything You Need to Know Before Obtaining Oil and Gas Coverage

Today, New Mexico (NM) is one of the leading oil and gas producers in the nation. In order to take advantage of this incredible business opportunity, its is vital to obtain all the right paperwork and permits that come with this industry. One of those important steps is insurance. While you can obtain coverage from large, national agencies, these may not understand the risk and exposures of this business in your area. However, reaching out to a NM oil and gas insurance agency can get you the best insurance for you.

Building Relevant Policies One Step at a Time

Before jumping into the sometimes confusing world of insurance, it is recommended to inform yourself on the different policies and what they cover. Besides the standard general liability coverage, here a few options you may encounter.

Pollution: Spills and accidents can prove costly to the New Mexico environment. Pollution liability coverage can safeguard your investments in case your business involved in damages.
Rig and Equipment: Your specialized equipment is an essential part of your business’s success. This coverage can handles repair and replacement of different equipment.
Commercial Auto: This type of auto insurance can cover a whole fleet of large vehicles for one affordable policy.

Many NM oil and gas insurance companies can also offer inland marine, D&O, well control and several other protections. Contact a qualified agent today to protect your business with the best insurance possible.

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