Facebook Continues to Aid Agent Marketing Strategies

When devising a marketing plan nowadays you must factor in social media as a way to increase awareness of your brand and build an audience. Facebook, whose audience has skewed much older the past few years, is a great place for an insurance page. Agencies are faced with a unique challenge when it comes to Social Media for Insurance because there is a lot of competition. The idea is to simply find useful and unique ways to garner attention and make your products and services appealing to those with coverage needs.

One important aspect of your plan should be to develop a local brand identity. Once you establish this, you can continue by demonstrating positive customer experiences. You can post video testimonials of people expressing how happy they were to find your agency and the benefits they’ve received from this relationship.

Remember, social media is a valuable tool for getting the word out about many of the new services and plans, while posting information about available discounts and using the opportunity to make a name for yourself as a local expert in the community, someone that can be trusted.

Developing a social media strategy

It’s important to understand your place in the social media landscape and you’re free to determine which channels are right for your firm. You have to set reasonable expectations when implementing social media, but the more active you are, generally the better the response. Other platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine may or may not be a good fit for the audience you wish to engage. Focusing on more traditional platforms like Facebook and Twitter you’re likely to engage users that are more apt to show an interest in these services and products.

Write and post articles related to coverages you offer, but additionally write about other subjects, not necessarily about insurance, yet angled to that specific core audience. Social media enables two-way communication so be ready to answer general questions about policies, as this will help to present you in an even more endearing light. It’s important to respond to customers as promptly as possible. When you make a point to do so, customers will see that you’re committed to providing quality customer service.

Social Media for Insurance can be a major part of your marketing strategy and by using the tools correctly an agent can help establish themselves as a friendly voice ready to help.

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