Fall Leaves, Cleaning and CT Home Insurance

Now that summer is just a memory and fall is in full swing, residents in Connecticut know that the time has come to prepare for the coming winter months. Many people enjoy the fall, the changing of weather, leaves falling and turning different colors and the cool evening breeze, a favorite time of the year for many to spend time outdoors.

Now is also a good time to prepare the house for the coming months and this generally includes a few routine home maintenance steps to ensure that the house is ready to embrace increasing cold weather, and the possibility of snowfall. For new and old homeowners, this is perhaps the best time to make sure to get ct home insurance that is up to date in case there is a need for any costly repairs.

Clean house gutters and replace any damaged or missing shingles

While it may not have rained for some time in your area it still makes good sense to make sure your gutters are cleared out. As the leaves begin falling make this a regular routine, because any overflowing water from clogged gutters can cause damage to the roof and also lead to cracks in your home’s foundation.

Check the roof carefully because cracked, broken or missing shingles can eventually expose the house to the harsh elements. Nothing will dampen your mood more than a leaky roof, plus this is the type of preventive maintenance that really pays off in the long run.

Trim trees and bushes near the house and have a professional check the furnace

Allowing trees and bushes to grow too close to the house can lead to serious water damage. Keep them trimmed, or remove them completely. This can help to avoid any costly repairs down the road. Having that furnace checked out before the weather turns ugly can help to reduce temperature variations, improve air quality in the home, and protect against carbon monoxide poisoning. Be sure to inspect smoke and carbon monoxide detectors (most run on batteries), and check them at least every six months or so.

While these aren’t the only maintenance tips to follow, this is a good place to start and can keep your home safe and secure this autumn. Speak to an agent about any ct home insurance coverage options that can possibly save you money.


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