Finding the Best Insurance for Auto Repair Shops

If your client owns an auto repair shop, it is so important that they have proper insurance coverage. Insurance for auto repair shops does not have to be complicated, but it does have to be complete. An insurance agent can help an owner know what to put into their policy and how it will benefit them and their business overall. The following are some things to include in an insurance policy for an auto repair shop owner:


  • Employee Protection – This comes in the form of workers compensation, as well as health and medical benefits. If they have employees that work in theauto shop, it is important to treat them well with proper insurance coverage.
  • Completion – Another important part of insurance for auto repair shops is that the policy is complete. Any policy should include a variety of components that are uniquely tailored to fit the needs of the auto shop. An insurance agent who provides options in order to put together a complete policy is someone with experience.
  • Affordability – An insurance policy is meant to help the owner afford accidents that may happen in the work place, not become slave to them. An insurance policy should be affordable to your clients, and you should work with them to ensure that the policy that has been put together will be something they can handle each month.


Auto shop owners have the responsibility of purchasing an insurance package for their businesses. With help from experienced professionals like you, they should be able to get the best available insurance for auto repair shops.


photo credit: efilpera cc
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