Harbor Safety and Proper Insurance Protection

For many marina owners or operators, running a business of this type can be hard work. After all, you are responsible for making sure the watercraft are in good working order and the marina itself must be kept free of hazards. Any damage or injury that results could end up causing significant financial damage to your enterprise. You need an understanding of the type of insurance coverage needs related to both the property and watercrafts, and consider the types of coverage needed to fully protect all of this valuable property.

The level of exposure that marinas face is often quite high due to the fact that you are handling a large number of vessels at any given time and there’s always the chance that an unexpected issue could develop. You can never be sure what to expect from one day to the next. You need to be protected against fire, theft, natural disasters, and you need premises liability coverage as well, making sure that your insurance for California marinas is providing the right coverage for your needs.

It’s important to understand your level of exposure

You are probably not running a place to just store boats, but storage coverage is often an integral part of any marina insurance package. This coverage will provide protection from damages sustained during boat removal, issues due to incorrect winterizing, fire damage, and many other incidents that could potentially occur during the course of storage.

A marina operator’s legal liability policy is another essential part of a marina package that provides businesses with coverage for their legal liability for boats and other related property in your care or custody. There are many other insurance coverage options also available, such as protection against incidents involving docks, fueling, workers compensation and a wide variety of other circumstances.

Owning your own business is a blessing that, without the proper coverage in place, can quickly become a curse. You deserve to have the best coverage that money can buy and this often requires the talents of an insurer familiar with your needs. Someone that can help you to make sure that your business is safe hands with insurance for California marinas.


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