Has Your Restaurant Overlooked This Restaurant Accessibility Issue?

Following the Americans with Disabilities Act can be difficult for many restaurant situations. This can lead to restaurant accessibility requirements not being met, which can increase the risk of a lawsuit.

Self-Service Item Access

Many restaurants overlook the accessibility of self-service items for the disabled. Items such as napkins, condiments, and utensils should be placed on counters and shelves that account for mobility and reach challenges.

If disabled patrons cannot access these basic items, they could file a lawsuit against your restaurant. While restaurant insurance can assist you if sued, you can avoid these claims with proper planning.

Self-Service Item Considerations

When placing self-service items to account for restaurant accessibility, consider:

  • Is the self-service counter at wheelchair height?
  • Are the items pushed to the front of the counter for easy reach?
  • Is there enough space for someone with mobility needs to navigate?

There may be other venue-specific considerations for your restaurant. An ADA consultant can help you create a customized plan for your location.

Restaurant Insurance

The ADA minimum requirements affecting restaurant accessibility for self-service items may not be enough to ensure a comfortable experience for those with disabilities. Make sure you have a restaurant insurance policy that can protect you even if you believe you are compliant.

Restaurants that consistently evaluate and improve their access can provide a better experience for all their patrons. This can also protect restaurant businesses by decreasing the potential for accessibility complaints.

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