Healthcare Professionals and HPSO Insurance

Physicians are not the only healthcare professionals who find themselves facing claims or being sued. That’s why more than 65,000 individuals in the healthcare industry rely on hpso insurance for their professional liability coverage needs. Don’t let your client take the risk of losing everything they’ve worked so hard to achieve. Help them get the protection they need from expensive settlements for allegations they believe to be false or an inaccurate portrayal of the circumstances.

Professional liability insurance coverage offers the insured peace of mind while they’re on the job, or in many instances between jobs. This program provides healthcare malpractice coverage to many healthcare professionals across the US. Regardless of whether they’re an employee or self-employed, hpso insurance helps safeguard careers, along with the financial future of your clients, all at an affordable cost, for healthcare workers at a time when they need coverage the most.

Pharmacists are vulnerable to claims as well

As the pharmacist’s role continues to expand (including providing consultations and vaccinations), they too become exposed more and more to malpractice claims. With the duties they perform there comes increased exposure for professional liability claims. Two of the most common allegations against pharmacists are prescribing the wrong drugs and providing the wrong dosage. Together, these two allegations comprised about 75% of all lawsuits filed against pharmacists.

While stringent protocols and processes are commonly in place, mistakes are bound to happen. Your job is to ensure that your client has the needed services and products in place, and that they provided a safeguard against claims of all types. Because they’ve invested so much time and money in order to become a pharmacist they need to protect that investment. This can only be accomplished by making sure that they purchase adequate amounts of professional liability insurance coverage.

Nurses and other healthcare providers rely on professional liability coverage to cover a wide variety of healthcare issues, including personal liability coverage, personal injury coverage, medical payments, charges of sexual misconduct, and much more. Go over the many options available for hpso insurance coverage so that your clients can have the peace of mind they deserve.

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