Importance of Small Business Insurance

Business owners policy coverages help cover your business’s assets, income, and property against certain losses. BOP insurance typically offers three types of coverage: property, liability and business interruption. Some providers allow small businesses to purchase additional options and add them to a BOP bundle.

What it Covers

Small business owners policy coverages are sometimes referred to as commercial insurance. It usually provides protection against theft, fire, wind, lightning and falling objects. Policies may differ slightly depending on the provider. It is important you read over your small business policy carefully to understand all the details.

  • General Liability: This protects against lawsuits brought by individuals who are injured at your business as a result of negligence. It may also help pay medical bills associated with injuries as well as your legal costs.
  • Business Property: This helps protect your business’s building and its contents from certain damages and disasters. Your coverage will most likely have deductibles and limits. Make sure to purchase the appropriate plan for your particular business.
  • Business Interruption: This helps replace lost income or increased costs associated with a covered peril that interrupts your normal business. For instance, if a disaster makes your office uninhabitable, coverage would help pay for rent for a new workspace during repairs.


Many small businesses can benefit from business owners policy coverages. The main policies companies need are bundled in a way that saves you money while providing you with the basic protections you need.

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