Improving on your Insurance Web Design

Still not sure that you’re getting the most out of your website? Check out some competing websites (ones which you know are doing well) and see what they might be offering and in what areas your own site is lacking. One important component of any successful online entrepreneur in any line of business is the design aesthetic. Insurance web design may be similar in many ways, but you still need to do what you can to stand out from the crowd.

Customer Service is an important component

You want your website visitors to engage with you, so make it easy for them to obtain an online quote with easy-to-fill-out customer service forms. Make sure to make it easy for them to contact a representative, as this will make your visitors feel appreciated and welcomed. Encourage feedback, even of the negative variety, and address any concerns or questions with speed and efficiency.

Have a solid plan in place to respond and follow up in a timely manner, and let your visitors know you’re excited to converse with them personally. The fact that you’re willing to listen and to aid them in any way will go a long ways toward building trust with consumers, making your agency seem more genuine when you talk about great customer service and how your customers are important to you.

Your personality is a big reason people come to you

Believe it or not, you are probably what makes your agency stand out from the competition, and how you talk about those differences on your website is important, but also your ability to show them as well. Visitors will respond to photos of you, your agency colors, and, of course, your blog. Make sure that your website properly reflects your agency, so that people don’t get confused. People like to do business with people and companies they like, so it’s vital that your true personality shine through and let them accept you for who you are.

Being a valuable resource brings dividends

The best way to make your website a favorite insurance destination is by becoming a resource. Besides selling your products and services, use your blogs as a way to offer free information which consumers can take advantage of. For example, allow them to download free reports on subjects of interest on your website. Invest a little time and money in your insurance web design and create the potential for growth!

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