Insurance Agents Provide Independent Living Facilities Insurance for Owners

As a nation, we’re not getting any younger. As the number of senior citizens increases, with people are living longer, the need and demand for housing facilities is on the rise. For many seniors, who don’t require medical attention and merely need a comfortable place to call home, there are facilities available to meet those needs.

While the senior housing industry can now offer every level of care to seniors – from independent living facilities to nursing homes – the treatment of seniors is likely to continue to be an issue and a concern. There is also a question of safety, in terms of the types of accidents that commonly occur within a home, and with the added possibility of lawsuits, and in cases of serious injury, large damaging settlements.

Safety should be a goal of everyone involved

However, these concerns can be met with a viable solution; owners can look to agents that specialize in insuring independent living facilities with the experience to provide proper coverage at competitive prices along with the expertise to pinpoint exposures and how to address. With proper coverage independent living facilities will have the insurance to protect them in the event of litigation and claims against employees and other workers.

Safety should also be a strong focal point for owners, and as an owner you should take every precaution to remove any issues that could result in litigation. Providing a safe environment means implementing strong risk management protocols in taking care of seniors, making sure workers put away equipment and tools that could pose a risk, ensuring that the premises remain free of strangers and others not authorized to be on the grounds or in the facility, and holding ongoing training sessions and safety meetings to address issues when, and if, they arise.

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