Insurance Marketing Strategies for Agents

Using those long-standing clients for customer leads can give you a big advantage as you prepare to list some of your insurance marketing strategies designed to attract new business. After all, clients are one of the best sources for referrals. Since they’ve already shown their loyalty by reenlisting your services over the years, this can go a long way in enticing others to want to join the fold. There are other strategies you’ll want to consider as well. A successful agent never puts all of “his or her eggs” in one basket.

1. Post customer video testimonials on your website

This is a really great tool to utilize. By posting on your website (and social media page), these short videos, featuring customer testimonials, will demonstrate your success rate to a great degree. No one can sell the benefits of doing business with you better than a satisfied customer. This can help to clearly demonstrate that your agency has quite a few clients with some great things to say about their own personal experiences.

2. Post letters from client online

This is yet another great marketing tool. Written notes expressing how your services helped them accomplish their goals often helps to close deals. By having a client write a letter, (or simply post a positive comment online about your agency), you’ll likely garner some inquiries. Make sure to post it on your social media page as well. The more exposure you have, the better. Those shopping for insurance will often look to others for guidance, and a few positive letters about your knowledge, care, and protection will help to improve everyone’s impression of your company.

3. Utilize your “Refer-A-Friend” page

If you don’t already have one (and who doesn’t?) create a page on your website that will allow people to refer friends to your agency. This has proven to work for many agents, and while you’re at it, send an email blast to your clients as well. You can email clients, and once in a while remember to post a link on your website and social page. These are a few sound insurance marketing strategies that are easy to utilize and really work!

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