Insurance Policies for Apartment Buildings

When most people think about insurance and apartment buildings, their mind turns to renter’s insurance. While this type of policy is important for the occupants, the owner’s of the apartment building can also purchase insurance from an insurance agency in Princeton NJ. With the right coverage, they can safeguard their valuable investment and minimize the risk that comes with owning an apartment building.


Most of the policies offered by an insurance agency in Princeton NJ cover general liabilities. This way the building will not have to pay a large financial sum if an accident happens on their premises.

Property Damage

It is also a good idea to invest in insurance that covers property damage. This damage can occur because of several different reasons. When your property is damaged, it is difficult to operate effectively and fill vacancies. The right insurance can minimize the likelihood of these problems.


Some policies can protect apartments from theft on their property. This is a nice safety net to have, especially if employees are collecting rent.

Workers Compensation

Apartment complexes that have employees might want to consider a workers compensation policy. This way if someone is injured on the job, they will not be required to pay a large sum of money for the injuries and lost wages.

If you are not sure what insurance your apartment building needs, evaluate your risks and talk to an insurance agency in Princeton NJ for help.

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