Key Components in Insurance for Nurses

Nurses are an integral part of the medical sector, providing bedside care, offering advice as well as tending to administrative tasks. Being a nurse can be very rewarding, but also comes with many exposures that need to be covered under an insurance plan such as those supported by Nurses Service Organization.

Exposures That Put Nurses at Risk

Without the proper safeguards in place, nurses can be vulnerable to an overwhelming amount of legal, employment and financial hardship. Similar to other health professionals, nurses must consider having protections in place in case whether they are simply accused or found guilty of cases such as the following:

  • Professional malpractice
  • Allegations of abuse
  • Being involved in or causing an injury or accident
  • Property damage

An Insurance Checklist

Experienced insurance agents specializing in insurance for nurses can anticipate potential risks so that these professionals are prepared well in advance. When shopping for plans, it is important that these plans include the following:

  • General and professional liability
  • Coverage for physical and sexual abuse allegations
  • Aggregate and occurrence coverage
  • Comprehensive and affordable plans

Speaking to a representative from Nurses Service Organization or other establishments specializing in insurance for nurses is one of the best ways to ensure that a policy is adequate for a particular work environment. While it is important to care for patients, it is also crucial that nurses are covered and taken care of as well.

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