Make Sure All Your Construction Liability Is Covered

Operating a business always comes with risk, but for many entrepreneurs, the risk they consider first isn’t always the one they need to be thinking about. That’s because most business owners realize the need for liability insurance for their companies, but they don’t necessarily know if liability insurance is enough. Most of the time it’s not. For those working in construction, builders public liability insurance provides a key link in the chain of coverage, ensuring you are taken care of if an unexpected incident leads to your liability for damage or injury to a member of the public as a result of the work.

Coverage for Contractors

SB One Insurance Agency offers contractor coverage that includes the risks unique to builders, those not covered by more general liability policies. What’s on that list?

Weather damage to your site or equipment
Government action
Extreme weather events and natural disasters

If you are building, you need the coverage that keeps you and your workers safe. That means you need to work with an agency whose experience allows them to anticipate your needs. It also means you need to keep the avenues of communication open because as your business grows, your needs will evolve. Talk to an agent about those changes to make sure they don’t result in an uninsured exposure.

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