Me Too and Sexual Misconduct

The MeToo movement is poised to restructure the dynamic between men and women altogether. Sexual misconduct is not an acceptable action in any context, and this movement has brought these wrongdoings to light. If someone is faced with sexual misconduct in society nowadays, they would like to prefer the guillotine once the mainstream media becomes aware of these actions. Celebrities such as Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, and Robert Kelly have completely derailed acquired stardom due to the mistreatment of countless women. Unfortunately, sexual misconduct is still a problem in society, and this behavior frequently occurs in the workplace. At this time, your organization should invest in sexual misconduct insurance to prevent any future liability. The last thing you want is for the workplace to be considered unsafe by employees.

Sexual Misconduct in the Workplace

When you work with a core group of individuals for an extended period, a bond between these people forms. The majority of your time is spent with your coworkers, and feelings can begin to develop over time. However, sexual advances are often declined to ensure the workplace remains a professional environment. With this said, some individuals ignore these advanced and sexually assault other members of the workforce. With a sexual misconduct insurance policy, the organization would be covered from any potential payouts to the victim of this incident.

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