Merrimac Marine & Boating and Watercraft Safety

In warm weather climates, such as here in many parts of Florida, marina activities are a year-round event. Many water enthusiasts like to partake in all types of water sports activities, including jet skiing and tubing, both of which can provide recreational fun. However, there are some inherent dangers, and safety should remain a priority while on the water.

Your clients can enrich their relationships with their customers by having them follow a few tips that can help to reduce the risk of marina liability. Merrimac Marine wants everyone to be proactive when it comes to preventing personal injuries and other mishaps related to activities in and around the marina.

Always drive responsibly

Boats and watercraft are the cars and bikes of the sea. It is recommended to avoid large wakes and never exceed 20 miles per hour while towing a tube. The tube has the capability of exceeding 50 miles per hour on turns during a “whip,” even while the boat is traveling a mere 20 miles per hour. A tube should never be closer than two times the towrope length to a stationary object (like a dock) or other boats in order to prevent a serious injury from occurring.

Becoming familiar with the equipment in use is essential to safety. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations in regards to number and size of passengers, weight limitations, and maximum towing speed.

People who rent or purchase watercraft should be warned never to operate a boat or any jet ski watercraft if they have been drinking alcohol or using drugs. These can impair reaction, timing and judgment. In waters that are overseen solely by the states, the states have the authority to enforce their own boating under the influence (BUI) statutes.

Regardless of whether they are on a boat, tubing, or riding a jet ski, wearing a personal flotation device is critical. In the event they fall overboard, or fall off of the equipment they were riding on, once the passenger is separated from the boat, the life jacket will help ensure his or her safety until they can be retrieved from the water. Merrimac Marine wants to help your clients to help their customers be safe each and every time they leave port.

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