Newport Beach Boat Insurance and Accident Prevention

When operating a recreational boat in Southern California, safety has to be a top priority. If a person dies or is injured and requires medical treatment, or if damage to the boat or other property is extensive, a Newport beach boat insurance policy can aid the owner of the vessel with costs associated with the incident. But, when operating any type of personal watercraft it’s important to make sure that the participants have been properly instructed on procedures and the proper behavior required in order to have a safe and memorable experience.

California regularly has the highest number of reported accidents involving boats used for pleasure. Problems usually arise from participants engaging in the drinking of alcoholic beverages, or not making proper use of life jackets, which can save a life in the event that someone falls overboard, especially young children or those persons lacking strong swimming capabilities. Life jackets should be made available for all passengers on any water vehicle, greatly reducing the chances of death by drowning.

Alcohol is a major concern 

Research has shown that alcohol, combined with typical boating conditions such as motion, vibration, and engine noise, can often impair a person’s abilities much more quickly than alcohol consumption on land. Boats operated by persons with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) above 0.10 percent are estimated to be more than 10 times more likely to be killed in a boating accident than boat operators with zero BAC.

Other notable factors often mentioned are operator inattention, and operator inexperience.

The likelihood of deaths or injuries occurring can be greatly reduced by making sure that the person operating the boat is not doing so under the influence of drugs or alcohol, is an experienced operator (or has someone with experience supervising their every move), and is giving his or her undivided attention to the task of maneuvering the vessel through water and past any obstacles.

Having Newport beach boat insurance is a vital way to protect, not only the boat owner but also the passengers on the vessel in the event of accident or injury. Many boat owners in Southern California and the surrounding areas have vessels that are expensive and highly valued, and as such should have insurance that reflects the value of the craft.

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