What Is Overnight Rental Insurance?

For people who own vacation rental property, overnight rental insurance in Tennessee is as important as having homeowners insurance for a primary residence. This type of policy provides property owners financial protection from a wide range of circumstances and events. It is designed for all types of rental properties including houses, condos, town homes and cabins.


Property Coverage


Overnight rental insurance in Tennessee is structured to provide owners with the right amount of property coverage. This protects them if there is damage caused by the weather, tenants or a variety of other circumstances. It can help cover the cost of replacing or fixing the property and any of the contents.


Liability Coverage


Liability coverage also helps safeguard your investment. In the event anyone is ever injured on the property, this type of policy can assist in paying for legal representation and settlement costs if you are found at fault.


Other Types of Coverage


Owners who have additional structures on their property including detached garages, guesthouses, pools and hot tubs, may want to have more coverage, particularly if they own multiple properties. Purchasing an umbrella policy is another option. Insurance is also available to compensate you for the loss of rental income if the event is a covered cause of loss.


Overnight rental insurance in Tennessee can provide vacation rental property owners with peace of mind by protecting their property and financial interests.


photo credit: mwiththeat cc
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