Policy Protects While Merchandise Is in Your Court

It was a bad day for one unfortunate cargo mover recently. The company, a small outfit that was thrilled to have landed a new client, found itself facing a claim for when one of its workers, who was just finishing a break, failed to stub out his cigarette and carelessly flicked it in a dark corner of the warehouse. The butt smoldered for several minutes before igniting a box of merchandise, recently imported from England. The fire spread from box to box quickly, and before the blaze could be extinguished by the firefighters who responded with admirable speed, nearly the entire shipment-worth $46,000-was damaged by either fire, smoke, or water (and sometimes all three), as well as a portion of the building itself. That’s when the owner placed a call to his professional insurance agent, thankful that he had followed his agent’s advice and purchased domestic freight forwarder liability coverage.

The policy provides comprehensive liability and physical damage protection in the event of physical loss or damage to consigned cargo or, as a result of the occurrence, the cargo owner suffers a financial loss. It provides a great deal of peace of mind for businesses that carry, store, or facilitate the movement of third-party goods, offering protection for a variety of risks such as:

  • Legal liability associated with the occurrence
  • Physical loss of or damage to any method of transport or equipment used for transportation
  • Physical loss of or damage to buildings and premises
  • Costs and expenses in conjunction with the claim
  • Items of materials that were sold, supplied, leased, or hired
  • Fines, duties, and penalties levied for the event
  • Liabilities, fees, and expenses that may be imposed by the government or other legal authorities
  • Risks abound from land, sea, rail, and road

The freight forwarding business can be fraught with risk from every corner of the world that sends merchandise through its doors on the way to its final destination. Talk to an experienced professional insurance agent, who can offer you a wealth of guidance, risk analysis, and access to the top-rated insurers that provide domestic freight forwarder liability insurance. Talk to an agent today.

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