Pollution Concerns and Orlando Manufacturers Insurance

Manufacturing companies understand the many growing environmental risks and liability concerns that they face. They may come under harsh scrutiny over the chemicals and toxins required by their industry, and can only protect themselves with some form of pollution liability coverage available through Orlando manufacturers insurance agencies. This is an effective risk management tool used to cover gaps left by any pollution exclusion found in standard commercial general liability policies.


Environmental risk and liability concerns have grown significantly due to many high profile disasters reported in the news. Costly oils spills and other releases of hazardous waste have destroyed wetlands, damaged our oceans and threatened our wildlife. Recent water contamination, most notably that discovered in Flint, Michigan, can potentially poison our drinking water all throughout the US, so diligence is essential to prevention.


All nations must address these concerns


The use of chemicals and other toxins, while necessary, create a growing concern on a global level. While we have a heightened awareness of the long-term environmental effects of these actions, we still face a heated debate on issues such as global warming, sustainable agriculture, and green building. These are certainly topics worthy of discussion, and in need of a resolution.


The impact of hazardous waste in our air, ground, and water supplies may be having a serious impact on human life as well as the environment. This requires an understanding of just what actions need to be taken. Manufacturers need to determine how to better manage these exposures, and pollution liability coverage can be an effective, strategic way to help to accomplish this.


However, much of the damage often goes unreported, or lacks any type of regulatory oversight. It may only take one catastrophic release from a pipeline, or an explosion that could result in immediate and long-term damage occurring. In such a scenario, the manufacturing company deemed responsible could face lawsuits, reputational damage, and significant liabilities issues.


Unfortunately, the production of finished, marketable products from raw materials comes at a price, as this process generates toxic waste. There is a need for more robust management of on-site and off-site chemicals and waste materials, or the result could be considerable environmental damage, at an extremely high cost. Orlando manufacturers insurance is one way to aid companies when an accident or oversight occurs.

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