Preparing for Hurricane Season After Hurricane Harvey

While it may be more than a year since Hurricane Harvey dumped 52 inches of rain in the Houston area, there is still a concern with another hurricane season coming soon. A sugar land home insurance policy helps offset the financial costs of rebuilding or repairing the home. These tips can help prepare you for the upcoming season.

Prepare Ahead

Hurricane season doesn’t officially start until June, but it is a good idea to start preparing early. Panicking during a storm or right before one can cause exponentially more damage than the storm itself as evidenced during Hurricane Rita. Have a plan in case you need to evacuate. If staying home, keep plywood, nails and sandbags ready in the garage. Store at least a week’s worth of food, back up batteries, flashlights, a stocked first aid kit and bottles of water in case the power is out.

Check InsuranceEven if your home was not affected by flooding, double check with your insurance provider to ensure you have the coverage you need. If disaster does strike, you want to have the assurance that your home can be replaced without it costing you everything.

Many of the emergency preparedness techniques are good to have in your home year-round. Sugar land home insurance is there to support you when your home is damaged.

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