Preparing for the Unexpected Means Arranging for Home Insurance and Much More

There are many things to consider when one has the responsibility for maintaining a house, and it’s important to be prepared for emergencies should they arise; one often has to act quickly when a situation occurs. Thankfully there’s home insurance in Augusta to take care of the physical damage that one’s home may sustain in an emergency; here are some things to think about to ensure that the people remain as safe as the property:

  • Keep some cash readily available, well hidden in the house. Include a good quantity of small bills and single dollars to make purchases easily if stores are unable to make change or lack access to electronic means of making transactions.
  • Keep a current ATM or debit card tucked in a wallet or purse at all times so it’s possible to obtain cash at an easily accessible ATM machine.
  • Memorize bank account numbers. It may be possible to withdraw much-needed funds from a branch location if one has in his or her possession a government-issued identification card along with an account number that is known by heart.
  • Store bank or credit union websites as a favorite in web browsers on laptops, tablets and smart phones. Many of these sites will use their web pages to communicate important updates and messages in the event of a disaster, including where members can find alternate branches if their usual ones are closed for an extended period of time.
  • Store important documents such as birth certificates, passports, social security cards, and insurance policies, in a secure receptacle that is both fire- and waterproof, that can be easily and quickly accessed if there’s a need to evacuate the house quickly.
  • Make copies of all these documents and send them for safekeeping to a trusted relative or friend in another city, far enough away so that it is unlikely that the disaster would have affected them. This can help tremendously if access to the original documents is blocked.

Talk to a professional insurance agent to ensure that home insurance in Augusta is up to date and coverage amounts are substantial enough to make recovering from the disaster as simple as possible.


photo credit: tulensrma cc
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